In Case You Missed It (Winter Anime 2021)

I’ll likely be taking this post down in around a week or so, but given that I ended up watching the season premiere of a lot more anime than I have for probably at least the last year, if not longer (although granted, “a lot” for me these days really only means “more than about 5”), I thought I’d get a kind of masterlist up with links and scores for people’s general convenience. Read More

Best J-Pop/J-Rock Albums of 2020

2020 sure has been a year, huh? Luckily, despite… well, you know, everything, there was some pretty good music to come out of this one, and I actually think I ended up listening to more of it than I have for several years now. As a result, I managed to pull a solid list together for this annual blog series, containing a couple of already-strong contenders as well as a couple of pleasant surprises. Read More