5 Female Anime Characters Worth Hating

Making even Miaka seem less annoying by comparison.

About a month ago I made a blog post here on Otaku Lounge that discussed 5 of the worst anime I’d seen in recent years. I decided it might be pretty fun to follow that up by writing another post in the same vein – only this time, about 5 of the worst anime characters.

Ironically, the idea for this particular article ocurred to me as I was mulling over two favourite anime of mine – Evangelion and Eureka Seven. Characters like Shinji Ikari and Renton Thurston have copped a lot of flak over the years, mostly because they fall squarely into the “whiny little bitch” category. I’ve met people who didn’t like Evangelion solely because they hated Shinji, and people who couldn’t get into Eureka Seven because they found Renton too annoying a character to handle. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that these kinds of characters (i.e. introverted or angsty ‘un-mannish’ males) are among some of the most hated of archetypes within the anime community.

Granted, neither Shinji, Renton, or any other character who falls into the so-called ‘emo’ grouping  are especially appealing on first glance (unless of course they’re a bishounen like Naruto’s Sasuke or  Itachi, in which case being a fan is apparently totally okay). Then again, how about I kill off your mother, have your dad abandon you as a toddler, turn said dad into a creepy megalomaniac who’s trying to resurrect his dead wife and end the world as we know it and then see how well-adjusted you are? Ditto with someone like Renton who has no parents, a mysteriously missing older sister, few (if any) friends, and one hell of a grumpy grandfather as his legal guardian.

Just as importantly however, both Renton and Shinji are 14. You can call them whiny and you’d probably be right but frankly, about 90% of the 14-year olds I know of could be described as whiny – and that’s assuming their dad isn’t named Gendo. It seems to me that people don’t dislike characters such as Shinji and Renton because they’re whiny so much as they dislike them because they’re actually semi-realistic, given their living circumstances.

But I digress. What I’d really like to know is, why are anime fans not saving their hatred for characters that are truly worth it? So for this blog post, I’ll be going over a few anime characters who are actually deserving of your loathing and/or general contempt. Also, because it’s the guys who tend to get most of the fan abuse for being useless and annoying, I’m going to make this the all-female edition.

Marina Ismail – Gundam 00

10. picture1 

Okay, so clearly the space mecha/Gundam franchise has a thing for famous singers. There’s Lynn Minmay from Macross who wins a beauty pageant and then literally ends the war by singing. Then there’s Lacus Clyne from SEED whose career as an idol singer is probably thanks to her enhanced genetics. And in 2007, we got a singing princess who not only lacks kick-assery but does pretty much nothing for the entire series except comfort orphans. Marina doesn’t even have a decent excuse for singing like Lacus did – she just does it. Repeatedly. While solving absolutely nothing, despite the fact that all she ever talks about is the terrible problems in the world. Which for some reason fail to be resolved by her singing. Who’d have thought?

Sakura – Naruto

10. picture2

Naruto has a fairly enormous cast so statistically speaking, I suppose it’s inevitable that someone from the show had to make this list (that, and I don’t really know Bleach or One Piece well enough to pick a character from those). I’ve been informed that Sakura actually Does Stuff later on in the series, but after 100-odd episodes (what can I say, I once had a very long and very dull summer vacation back when I was an under-grad at university), I can’t really bring myself to care. Essentially, Sakura’s role for those 100 episodes is to attempt to hit on Sasuke while snubbing her nose at every other eligible male character, and also get beaten up a lot. Because apparently, her ninja abilities are about as effective as her personality. No wonder Sasuke left town.

Bulma Dragon Ball Z

10. picture3

I’m going with Dragon Ball Z specifically here because a) I never watched much of the monstrosity that was GT and b) her character demonstrates exactly what I was talking about in the first couple of paragraphs of this article. Bulma is just as whiny and clingy in Z as she is in the original Dragon Ball series, but whereas she’s 16 years old in her first incarnation and therefore has a plausible excuse, she’s nearly 30 at the start of the sequel show. Yet she still has exactly the same personality, complete with painfully shrill voice and childish temper tantrums. I suppose at least her character has some vague purpose in the series – she’s the sciencey chick that helps find the dragon balls. While I get that most of the men in the show are just too thick to do anything for themselves that involves any kind of technology, couldn’t they have just… I don’t know, trained a hamster or something? Meanwhile, Bulma’s main role during the Frieza Saga is to get turned into a frog. I think that pretty much says it all, don’t you?

Flay Allster – Gundam Seed

10. picture4

Good lord, was there ever a Gundam character I wanted to shove out the airlock more than Flay? The thing is, Flay isn’t simply stupid and emotionally needy – she’s also consciously malicious with it. When she isn’t holed up in her room crying over anything and everything, she’s busy bonking (or attempting to bonk) anyone who she feels could be useful to her needs. When she actually gets rejected for a change after her feminine wiles fail her, she has what amounts to a mental breakdown and becomes unable to function on any level at all. Flay is the epitome of cold and manipulative bitch, and no, I don’t think she manages to redeem herself by the end. That’s one character death that’s definitely not worth avenging.

Yuka – Elfen Lied

10. picture5

Most of the previously mentioned characters pale in comparison to how much I hate this woman. Frankly, it’s difficult to even know where to start. Yuka is desperate and needy enough that she dumbs herself down by choosing a poorer university choice over her own original preference, solely to get closer to Kouta. She reacts with sudden and physical violence and often completely irrational jealousy whenever any female gets emotionally close to her cousin, despite the fact that Yuka never makes a move herself. The worst part is, she actually succeeds in the manga version of events and wins the guy, eventually marrying him and spawning a daughter. That baby is going to be screwed for life, and everyone other than Yuka and Kouta himself (who is simply too stupid to know) realises it. If I ever wrote Elfen Lied fanfiction, it’d be an alternative universe in which Lucy dismembers Yuka and then leaves her to be eaten by seagulls.

Question of the post:
Who is your least favourite female anime character? Is it a popular choice, or does the general fandom opinion differ wildly from your own?

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42 thoughts on “5 Female Anime Characters Worth Hating

  1. Hello! I was checking out my reader when I stumbled across this… and I couldn’t agree more with your choices. I personally haven’t watched Naruto, Elfen Lied or Dragon Ball Z but just by appearance, they do look annoying. May I add another suggestion? I’ve recently started to watch Bleach and there is a certain character who’s getting in my nerves… Inoue Orihime. I may get beaten for this but that’s my honest opinion. Great post though, thanks! It’s nice to see others’ opinions.


    1. I’ve only ever watched a few episodes of Bleach so don’t really feel qualified to comment. That said, it wouldn’t surprise me that there’s an unbearably annoying female character among the cast – although I’m also very biased in that I typically loathe overly long shounen anime like Bleach (and Naruto, Fairy Tale, One Piece, etc. etc.).


      1. I’ve only been through three episodes but I agree with you about there being an annoying female in the cast. No series is complete without one! I normally hate long series but I though that I’d give Bleach a try…


        1. Well, to each their own of course. While I personally can’t stand shows like Bleach, I’m not one to judge someone else for liking it. The huge amount of variety to be had is one of the great things about anime after all.


  2. I usually don’t find myself hating anime characters, but there are two that comes to mind when you ask me who I want to strangle. Koemushi/Koyemshi from Bokurano(Anime version only), and Shinji Matou(Fate/Stay Night). Both are smug, annoying, shameless bastards, and usually I’m fine with those types of characters as well, but for some reason I really hate these two most of all.


    1. Jumping in here on Koemushi—he’s one of my favorite mascot characters BECAUSE he feels so good to hate, and not just in annoying way. If more mascots just get past the annoying cuteness, then there would probably be much more to work with as characters, as in this case.


      1. Good point. This is going a little off-topic on my end since it’s not a matter of hate, but I do also really appreciate it when cute mascot characters are subverted – which is why I found Madoka Magica’s Kyubey creepy but awesome, and why I liked at least the idea of Shiina in Vampire Princess Miyu.


      2. Strangely I can reply to my own comment but not yours. Anyway!

        I actually rather dislike Kyubey, and probably not for the reasons I’m supposed to. It rubs me the wrong way. This is a little different from hating female characters, but I’ll state my case anyway.

        1. Kyubey’s design looks like it didn’t so much start as a workable shape so much as a chimera of other mascots. The design is so not-special in my eyes that I can’t even make a complete image in my mind of Kyubey, just separate parts. It doesn’t feel put together as a whole. In contrast, I loved the magical girls and their designs because they were the epitome of their genre while still having their own uniqueness and development, and the Witches were so extreme with their designs that as much as they got under my skin, they’re commendable designs for that very reason!

        2. The creepiness and untrustworthiness was made so completely obvious from the start that there was nothing to keep me interested in it as a character. It was like, “okay, whatever, just reveal your shockingly dark intentions already!” There was supposed to be a looming uneasiness about Kyubey the whole time, but I felt like it was laid on too thick.

        3. Kyubey had no personality beyond being a plot device. Mascots in magical girl anime are to supposed to guide the plot along, yes, but a mascot still needs a few personality traits to stick in your mind. Kero-chan, Pikachu, and ChuChu would have gone nowhere fast if they had no antics. What’s more, nothing is shocking about Kyubey because it was obvious to expect something instead of just treating it as another character to go along with in the series. Koemushi and Mokona had personalities, and that is why it was actually interesting when there were shocking revelations about them later.

        To answer one of the questions in your post, I think I am rather alone in my opinion. I find it strange and somewhat annoying how people automatically assume I’d be the person to appreciate memes about Kyubey, but I can only shrug at them. Why am I the only one who seems to feel so apathetic towards what now seems to be a famously creepy character?

        I can appreciate that Kyubey was supposed to be an off-putting mascot instead of a lovable one, and cute antics wouldn’t have had a proper place in the series–which in many ways accomplished what it set out to do, I think. But that doesn’t change that I feel nothing but total lack of appreciation for it as character. I only see plot device in a trying-way-too-hard design package.


        1. I see your points – they’re well-made. What I did like about Kyubey was that it definitely did come across as creepy to me. You’ve got this mascot character who, as you say, looks fairly generic in terms of general shape. And while I personally did distrust it from minute one, I didn’t know precisely how I was supposed to distrust it. Was it going to be outright evil? And if so, what form would that evil take? Was it on the side of the witches, or just on its own side? We didn’t find out any of that stuff until later on in the series, and when we did, the creep factor still worked for me because even if I could see it coming, I couldn’t predict that it would replicate, or eat its own dead body. I’m also not sure I agree about Kyubey having no personality, although I think that one’s debatable – at least in part because it has no facial expression as such (another reason I found it rather deliciously creepy), although I feel Kyubey does seem to take a certain delight in successfully fulfilling its mission with its contractees being none the wiser. It might not exhibit emotions, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any.


  3. Oh god, I hate to be a child, but there IS one female character I hated with the passion- even when I thought I was too mature to hate a fictional character. It’s Ein from Phantom. I think the fandom generally likes her, but I digress. Nobody was able to make me loathe their presence onscreen the way she was.

    Short summary about her: she was abducted or something by a criminal organisation, her memory was wiped, and she was brought up to be the most powerful assassin around. The main character (the guy) has the same thing happen to him, and he’s somewhat infatuated with her.

    Possible spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched Phantom: I could stand the fact that she was emotionally bankrupt, the fact that she was alone and scared, but what I couldn’t stand- what I HATED was how she acted like she had zero choices. The woman acted as though she couldn’t just up and leave the organisation which she hated so much- this was stupid, because she was the STRONGEST person, she was untouchable. Now even that wouldn’t have been such a problem if she just wallowed in her self pity alone- but oh, no- she drags the guy down with her too, with emotional manipulation and constant negativity. It’s one thing to destroy yourself, but another to hurt others in the process.

    At one point she more or less forces the main guy to kill a kid, and once again, acts as though there was no choice, relieving herself of all responsibility. She kind of even lets the sexually harassing doctor molest her (or whatever you’d call it) despite knowing she doesn’t need to put up with it. She does a lot of horrible things, but at one point she’s offered a chance- a chance to leave it all and escape with the guy who cares about her so much. And what does she do? She stabs him in the back- chooses the perverted doctor over the guy. She throws everything in his face and acts like she had no choice (and you know what’s more annoying? the guy still forgives her, he’s still infatuated like some sort of an idiot!).

    Great! She’s out of his life! Now he can start all over with some sort of attempts at normalcy! But then she comes back to haunt him and ruin his life all over again. And when she comes back she realizes she’s full of B.S, but I’m much to angry to care, since she screwed everything up afterward anyway. I just don’t get it…

    Claudia was so much cooler. Heck, everyone was so much cooler.

    Sorry about the raging comment, but I needed to get that out of my system.


    1. That’s a really interesting choice – Ein’s character would probably never have occurred to me, but when you explain it like that I can definitely understand your frustration with her. I have indeed watched Phantom (although I haven’t played the game it’s based on), and while Ein doesn’t annoy me on the same kind of level that some other female characters do, I think your reasons are very sound. And you’re right – although I’m not particularly knowledgeable about the Phantom fandom, I doubt many people outright dislike her. Thank you for your detailed comment! 🙂


  4. Yuka is a good call. I even remember her spilling her guts to Kouta once or twice, then panicking and crying. Then someone else gets close and she panicks and cries. She had three modes: cry, rave, mope. None of them good.
    As for my least favorite anime chick, I’d add another from Elfen Leid: the other diclonius (however you spell it) girl, the one who kept calling the bad guy “Papa.” I don’t remember her name, but her voice annoyed the crap out of me. She had a fantastic character run and ended up dying, and it was really sad. But then they brought her back for no reason with nothing to do but have an annoying voice and be another loita character to be naked if necessary. Keep ’em dead, man.


    1. Ah, I think you’re referring to Nana? Yeah, Elfen Lied in general isn’t exactly an anime with a ton of lovable characters. Although I enjoyed parts of it, I think the anime as a whole tries way too hard to be gory and bloody simply because it can, and in order to come across as mature and ‘cool’.


  5. Other than Bulma, I’m actually familiar with all these characters. For the Gundam girls, I can totally understand dislike for Flay, and Marina…I kinda don’t remember much about her so I can at least say she wasn’t memorable to me at all =P And it’s been even longer since I watched Elfen Lied and don’t remember details about the characters. But if I watch it again I’ll keep what you said about Yuka in mind.

    What’s interesting about Sakura is that she gets much more mature and stronger in the later episodes of Naruto after the time skip that leads to Naruto Shippuden. All the characters do actually, especially Naruto himself. I found Sakura’s obsession with Sasuke annoying too, but it didn’t bother me that much since it’s typical for a 11-12 year old girl to fuss over a hot guy even if he’s a jerk. When I first watched Naruto I was hoping she would do more than just squeal about Sasuke and watch the boys fight while she stays on the sidelines. Luckily she did finally get some crowning moments, such as the episode where she cut her hair and when she tried to defend Sasuke against Gaara. I don’t think she’s a great character or anything, but in Shippuden she’s taken a more active role in the plots, had some good battles, and showed admirable dedication to both Naruto and Sasuke (and not in the squealing Sasuke fan-girl way anymore). But yeah, it sounds like long shonen series aren’t your thing, so you won’t be seeing anymore of Sakura anyway =P Actually, out of Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece, I’d say One Piece has the strongest and most well written protagonists, male and female.


    1. I’m perfectly willing to accept that Sakura gets a lot better in Naruto Shippuden – at least, I certainly hope she would, given her age difference. After 100 episodes of the first Naruto series though, I have absolutely no intention of subjecting myself to any more of the show. I’ve heard a lot of people say that Shippuden is a lot better than the first series in general, and I won’t argue with that, but I tend to look at them as separate entities – in which case, Sakura from the original Naruto has no redeeming qualities as far as I’m concerned.


  6. Oh dear lord, I am intimately familiar with this subject. I’m pretty sure I have a list on Anime Planet FULL of these kinds of characters. And yeah, Sakura is THE WORST female character in Naruto, and it has a few. And don’t take too much stock in the talk of her getting better in Shippuuden, she digresses. Hard.

    As for my own personal choice….

    I’ll have Sakura and Orihime fight to the death and hope both of them kill each other. I’m sure I’m missing some super annoying chick from Gundam, but those two stick out badly in my head.


    1. I guess the bigger the cast, the more likely it is to have some spectacularly annoying characters – particularly in long-running shounen titles like Naruto and Bleach. While I’m not overly familiar with the latter, I’m happy to take your word on it that Orihime is about as bad as you claim – no objections to a death match here.


  7. I know all these characters. They’re pretty annoying, all right, but I never actively loathed on them.

    I have a mild sort of affection for Flay, though. This is mostly because I don’t think she was meant to be seen in a particularly good light; we were meant to hate her – unlike the others on this list, who we were clearly meant to root for. I appreciated the intent behind the writing of Flay’s character, at least.

    But mostly, I feel indifference towards these characters. I think feeling indifference is actually worse than hate, though. It means that you don’t even care about what happens to them. So yeah, take from that what you will.


    1. I don’t actively hate that many anime characters, so these ones are exceptions I suppose – hence my desire to blog about them. I do agree with you that indifference is worse than hate, at least as far as the real world goes. You still have to care about someone enough to hate them, whereas the whole point of indifference is that you don’t care at all.


  8. Hmmm well. This is a difficult question. Any character who’s a total bitch to the main character. A bitch who is mostly seen in most harem anime’s. I hate Kurono from My Little Sister Can’t be This Cute. She’s a total little cunt who verbally abuses her brother every chance she gets despite his constant attempts to get closer to the little smut. Basically most tsundere characters. 🙂


    1. Yeah, I’m not a fan of tsundere characters either, although I only ever watched a couple of episodes of My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute, so I’m not that familiar with Kurono. Tsundere seems to be all the rage these days though, which does irk me. Usually, my basic rule of thumb is that if I would absolutely hate them in real life, I’m not going to like them any better on screen.


    2. Just a friendly correction before I go on: it’s “Kirino” 🙂
      Kirino is one of the female characters I hate, with her being all abusive to her brother and all. That’s not tsundere, that’s just being a bitch. However, Kirino does get softer in the second season of OreImo. But, that doesn’t mean I support a Kyosuke-Kirino ending.


  9. Most of the female characters in anime today are all about moe and fans service. There are a lot of female anime characters that I hate, and most of them are tsunderes or those who are just plain useless.
    I agree with your pick, Sakura, even though I only watched Naruto because there was nothing else on TV on Sundays. She’s weak, her life depends on Sasuke, and she’s just a total bitch.
    There’s also Ai Mori, from the Law of Ueki. She’s only there as a cheerleader and even after she gets her powers, she’s only useful for 1 episode. Outside of that, she’s always “Ueki, please save my ass!” every time.
    Most of the tsunderes are on my hate list; maybe I’m just not a fan of tsunderes. Kirino from Ore no Imouto, Shana from Shakugan no Shana… you name it. Oh, I also don’t like the entire cast of Senran Kagura.


    1. Also not a tsundere fan – which kinda sucks, because these days in anime they seem to be almost everywhere I turn.
      I haven’t seen any of Law of Ueki, but (with a few notable exceptions) I don’t tend to like shounen anime that go over a certain number of episodes… any anime demographic that go over that number, come to think of it. I find the quality often goes downhill when that happens.


  10. Interesting. I, too, dislike “whiny little bitch” characters and, perhaps, part of the reason is because, as you said, they are semi-realistic. But for me the dislike evolves in to hate only if the character remains that way for the whole series.

    Take Shinji Ikari for example. I did dislike him at the beginning for his excessive whining but as the series progressed, I started to pity him more than dislike him. This sort of development is important to me. When I watch something, I am actually taking a break from daily life where I am surrounded by whiny characters. So I would rather watch strong, independent characters (at least these types of main characters), or at least a whiny character’s growth in to someone who’s not…whiny…anymore. And I think, a lot of people expect that, may be not the latter part but at least the former one.

    From your list, I know of only two characters, Sakura and Yuka, and I hate both. Sakura more than Yuka because I cannot recall much about Yuka. When I watched Elfen Lied, I really disliked her and just ended up ignoring her (she made it easy by not appearing much). As for Sakura, I still follow Naruto and I still hate her even though she is now supposed to be strong but it doesn’t seem so to me. And Sasuke too; I loathe him.

    There are so many characters that I hate. Mylene Jenus, Max and Milia’s daughter from Macross 7, probably makes the top of the list. She is one of the most annoying characters I’ve ever come across. The quintessential “whiny little bitch”. Every time she came on screen, I wanted to punch something or break something. And it’s really bad because she is the daughter of two of my favorite characters. Basara Nekki, Mylene’s partner, was another character I hated…A LOT. I really questioned my sanity after I watched that series.


    1. I never watched much of Macross 7, so I don’t feel I can comment much on Mylene – but I’ll take your word for it. But yeah, I get what you mean about the “whiny little bitch” archetypes that remain that way throughout the series. Character development is important to me in general though, so I daresay I’d tend to dislike (or at least care nothing for) any character that went nowhere at all on an emotional level within any series. Most stories, anime or otherwise, heavily involve emotional journeys of one kind or another – but it wouldn’t be much of a journey if there were no changes along the way.


  11. Hands down…I think Yuka turned me off from finishing watching Elfen Lied. I remember only getting through the first disk of the box set and never went back to it. I really wanted to kill that flipping cow! Lucy should have killed her immediately for all of our sakes! Jesus wept!


  12. bulma para mi es un de los personajes mas inteligentes del anime si no fuera por su ayuda la vida de los guerreros z no hubiese llegado tan lejos , por ejemplo que hubiera pasado si ella no contruia la maquina del tiempo ? , para mi es una genia! . la que si me parecio con un caracter detestable es yuno de mirai nikki que personaje pesado :/ la cambiaria por bulma


  13. bulma for me is one of the most intelligent characters in the anime if not for your help the lives of z warriors had come so far, for example would have happened if she did not build the time machine? , For me is a genius! . that if I found it a detestable character is yuno mirai nikki that heavy :/, exchange by bulma character (sorry I do not speak English and layers written something wrong XD)


  14. Vegeta and Bulma are the most overrated and overpraised characters for silly reasons Actually Goku and Chichi also cared for each other and were best characters There were instances where they cared for each other and yet people claim that they were selfish


    1. Usagi can certainly be annoying, I’ll say that much, but actually hate-worthy? No, I don’t see it – especially compared to the other characters who did make the list. One major difference is that while she might be whiny, a crybaby, and a brat, Usagi actually matters to the story – we literally wouldn’t have the franchise without her. The other characters here, meanwhile, are so useless that they could probably be erased without anything major being changed in terms of respective storylines…

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Hey! I’m kinda… I don’t know, really late? Yeah, I really like this list, but I have a problem with your entry for Yuka.
    Yuka is, in general, a really nice person. She takes care of orphans and took in Mayu and Lucy,too. Her crush on Kohta isn’t strange at all, because first-cousin-marriage is not prohibited in Japan. You can’t blame her for something her whole country does now, can you? And by the way, if you mean ‘deformed’ or ‘bullied’ by the baby who is going to be ‘screwed’, I’m the offspring of two first cousins- one of whose parents were also first cousins- and me and my two other siblings are perfectly fine 🙂
    I think it’s fairly obvious that Kohta could never end up with Lucy. Why? Because she is the one who killed his father and his sister, and he’ll probably never be able to forgive that. Given Lucy’s mental instability, Yuka was probably the best choice out of them two. Another concern is her jealousy. I think it was Lucy who slapped Yuka because she got close to Kohta, and it was also Lucy who killed Kohta’s family out of jealousy- and thus, calling Yuka ‘jealous’ is kinda… unwarranted.
    I’m not a big Elfen Lied fan. I don’t get the hype. but I don’t get Yuka hate eitehr
    Nonetheless, I really like your blog 🙂 Thanks


    1. Oh, I don’t really have a problem with Yuka in that I think she’s a cruel or hateful person – I’m not arguing that she’s not nice. I do, however, think she’s appallingly clingy (a personality trait that I absolutely loathe in anyone) and ultimately puts her relationship with Kouta above anything else in terms of importance. The jealousy she exhibits whenever another woman comes within several yards with Kouta is, frankly, disturbing. The baby isn’t going to be screwed because she’s married to her cousin – it’s going to be screwed because Yuka is basically just as much of a psychopath as most of the others in the show.



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