10 (Allegedly) Unpopular Anime Opinions

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(Or, as it should possibly be titled, A Very Late Reply To That Post I Commented On Once Saying I’d Write This Post.)

I use the word ‘unpopular’ for lack of a better term. I’m sure that there are plenty of people who agree with many of these opinions, just as there are obviously plenty of those who don’t. I could use ‘controversial’ instead I suppose, but I’d probably still run into the same kind of problem, so whatever. Let’s not get too bogged down in the semantics.

Obligatory disclaimer: As the title suggests, these are purely my own opinions. I decided to limit myself to the first ten that came to mind, since while I can no doubt think of further potentially unpopular statements, I don’t feel like writing anything overly long on the subject. If you disagree with said opinions (which I assume is at least partially the point), more power to you.

Right, let’s have at it then.

1. I don’t care for Clannad.

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2. The ‘three episode rule’ means very little to me. If I dislike an anime enough then I’ll drop it immediately, not force myself to watch more of it.

3. Durarara!! is far superior to Baccano! in every way.

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4. I disliked Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece, and even InuYasha and Rurouni Kenshin enough that I’m automatically predisposed towards hating not only shounen battle shows, but also anything over about 50 episodes long. I can probably still count on one hand the number of anime over this episode length that I think are above average. (FYI not dissing people who enjoy any of these shows. You’re a Naruto fan? Good for you.)

5. I hate it when people say or write ‘animes’. I don’t care if this makes me a so-called elitist – if I see ‘animes’ written in a blog post, I’m likely to stop reading there and then.

6. Ditto when it comes to incorrect spelling or grammar. The odd typo is probably inevitable at some point, but I’m much less likely to read a post at all or follow a blogger if they consistently screw it up, regardless of whether or not I agree with their opinions or find their ideas interesting.

7. I’m completely happy with the ending to the Evangelion television series. It makes perfect sense to me, both narratively and thematically. Much less do I like the two original movies, Death and Rebirth and The End of Evangelion. Oh, I’ve read all the theories. I just think the movies themselves are bullshit.

8. Nothing against Hosoda Mamoru, but lovely visuals aside I just don’t think Summer Wars is a good film.

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9. Despite it’s obvious and profound flaws (which I think I did a fair job of pointing out myself), I genuinely enjoyed Sword Art Online. Yes, even the second half.

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10. I don’t think anime is getting worse. I just think people are getting lazier and/or their standards are changing based on their experiences and expectations. If you identify as an anime fan but can’t find any recent shows that you like, it’s probably because you’re not trying hard enough.

Question of the post: Chime on in. What are some opinions about anime you have that could be considered unpopular?

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76 thoughts on “10 (Allegedly) Unpopular Anime Opinions

    1. I definitely agree with you on 3, 5, 6 and 9, but you know my opinions on 8, 4 and 1. My big shocker is *gasp* that I think Samurai Champloo is superior to Cowboy Bebop. While I recognise Cowboy Bebop is clever and well constructed, it isn’t a series that I enjoyed enough to want to re-watch!


    2. Oh and as for #10. I think a large part of it is that our access to anime is so much better than it ever was before and so we can afford to be choosy and particular and still find enough to watch. I remember back to the dark ages before I even had broadband internet and I watched (and enjoyed) whatever I could find at the video stores in town or dowload using Limewire and Morpheus. Now I can stream most of the new season series legally and buy DVD and Blu-Ray copies easily enough. Greater choice means I need to be a bit more discriminating as well to utilise my time more effectively and watch the best stuff instead of spending time on things that aren’t really to my tastes!


      1. Agreeing to disagree (and playfully knocking each other for our often very different tastes in anime) is part of our amazing friendship. ❤ Oh, I don't think there's anything too shocking about liking Champloo more than Bebop though. In many ways, I think Champloo is the more accessible of the two shows – it has a slightly edgier and more contemporary feel, probably in part thanks to the artwork, animation, scriptin, etc. I personally prefer Bebop, but I like and very much respect both shows.
        I hear you on that last one. I still remember going to the video store half an hour away to check out old titles I had never heard of, much less seen. It didn't matter if they were good or bad, or i I understood even half of what was going on or not. It was anime, therefore I watched it. These days, people can afford to be picky and so they often are.


  1. Well, the only opinion here that I would fight over is that Durarara! is “far superior” to Baccano!. Otherwise, to each his own.

    I’m trying to think of opinions I have that could be considered controversial but when I examine them I think they’re pretty mainstream: There isn’t too much moe in modern anime. Space Dandy hasn’t done anything (yet) to justify the hype. That sort of thing.


    1. Fair enough. I don’t watch a whole heap of moe shows so I can’t really comment on that first one – although the fact that I can still watch recent anime every day and usually avoid moe if I so choose would probably suggest you’re right. As for Space Dandy, again I can’t really comment, as I have no idea how much hype it got prior to airing (although I could guess). I quite like Space Dandy too, but I don’t adore it.


  2. I also don’t think anime is getting worse, but it’s more of a case of impatience rather than “not trying hard enough”. When I look back on all my favorite anime, none of them came out in the same year, and a bunch of them had already come out when I finally got around to watching them. It’s so easy to just look at one season of anime, notice the oh-so-modest amount of forgettable shows, and claim right then and there that the anime industry is dying. Latching onto a series that matches your tastes to the letter isn’t something that happens every season, nor should it even happen every year. Just be patient with it. Go look for that kind of instant gratification with older anime/other mediums if you have to.

    If you’re familiar with how Rurouni Kenshin plays out then I highly recommend watching the Tsuiokuhen OVAs if you haven’t already. I think you’ll appreciate the lengths it goes to avoid the shounen tropes from the manga.


    1. Yes, perhaps impatience is the better word. And I agree, more and more the general anime audience (or any audience really, regardless of the medium) seems to be out for instant gratification, which unsurprisingly is often unobtainable. There will of course always be a lot of bad and/or unforgettable shows with each new anime season, but that’s always been the case. Some seasons have certainly been better than others, but on the whole I don’t believe that the anime industry has been going steadily downhill, is in need of saving, etc. etc.

      Yup, I’ve seen the OVAs and liked them a lot. I really appreciated the live-action Kenshin film too, incidentally, and am looking forward to the follow-up. 🙂


  3. I loved your comment on anime being the proper plural of anime. Somehow, I get the feeling that a Japanese word should be in common English usage for a very long time before add and -s to pluralize it. Maybe when fifty years from now, I’ll be okay with the final s if the majority has decided that.

    You might be right about anime not getting worse, but that only the best shows are still popular after several years pass, which always makes us think of the past as better. I’ll have to think about that a bit more.

    Some unpopular opinions of my own?

    1) We need more anime where board games are a major feature, like Hikaru no Go and Shion no Ou.

    2) The manga most deserving of becoming animated at present is Vinland Saga.

    3) No anime series will ever be better than the first two seasons of Rurouni Kenshin.

    4) Nineties and eighties animation is more aesthetically pleasing than 90% of modern stuff.


    1. ‘Anime’ is technically a word in the English language now (well, if you accept that earning itself a place in the OED makes something an official part of the language), and even there, ‘anime’ is still listed as both the singular and the plural form. Although to be frank, even if it didn’t, my skin would probably crawl just as much at ‘animes’.

      1) Interesting. To be honest, I haven’t seen many anime where board games have been a major feature, although I know of both titles you mentioned. I’d be open to the idea.

      2) I don’t really read manga as such, so I can’t comment.

      3) You are now dead to me.

      4) Just kidding. I think people should basically be able to watch whatever they want if it makes them happy. If Kenshin floats your boat, that makes no difference to me no matter my own opinion of the show. Ditto with animation from the 80s and 90s. I cherry-pick from all over the place myself, but I can see how earlier animation as a whole could appeal more than the contemporary stuff.


    1. Yeah, I thought about putting something else there instead, but then I realised that it does indeed pertain to anime as far as I personally am concerned, since I tend to read only anime-related blogs. There are a couple of exceptions, but mostly I stick to anime.


  4. 1) I didn’t like Clannad much either. I thought the second season, After Story, was a huge, huge improvement, but if you didn’t like the first few episodes of season one then it’s probably not worth the slog to get to the second. Yikes, I found Clannad painful.
    2) Yes, agree. You see people saying “you didn’t give it enough of a chance” and stuff like that, but really, if an anime fails to grab you with its first episode, then I don’t see what’s wrong with dropping it. If a story doesn’t start interesting right from the word go, that’s just poor storytelling, not the watcher’s fault.


    1. I know a huge amount of people have raved about After Story, but I just don’t see much sense in watching it if I couldn’t get through the first season. I assume that if I simply skipped season one and went straight into two, either the story wouldn’t make much sense or else the emotional impact wouldn’t be there – which kinda kills the point. So yeah, no Clannad for me.
      Definitely. Of course, I’ve watched anime in the past that I thought had mediocre first episodes yet fabulous middles and ends, but that doesn’t suddenly make me forgive the rocky starts. And if I watch something that I actively dislike right from the get go, then I’ll likely drop it then and there. It’s not as though I’m running out of other titles on my constantly growing to-watch list, either.


  5. I think the biggest issue with #10 is that people are always weighing a given season, year, etc. against everything that came before it. When you look at things from that narrow perspective, of course it might look like things are going downhill.

    I definitely agree with #2 as well – if I drop something, it’s normally on the first episode or a significant chunk in. I’d never impose a specific limit on myself.

    And Summer Wars was basically the same thing as one of the Digimon movies, yet somehow less believable.


    1. Oh, definitely. And like it or not, there will almost always be a lot of bad and/or unforgettable shows with each new anime season, but that’s always been the case. Some seasons have been better than others, but you’re right – looking at things through such a narrow lens doesn’t give a fair or accurate representation of the state of the anime industry as a whole.


  6. 1. “I don’t care for Clannad”. Nor do I. People think I’m heartless because of that. (Scamp does a pretty good job summing up my feelings on the show- even though this is about Kanon http://thecartdriver.com/secret-santa-review-kanon-06/)
    3. That’s a first. Personally I prefer Baccano! Interestingly enough Durarara’s way more popular than Baccano despite the general consensus (or at least those in the aniblogosphere) agreeing on Baccano being superior to Durarara.
    5. I want to deny it, but I think I might have looked at people funny for saying animes.
    6. I’m always afraid that bad grammar will rub off on me but I use it sometimes anyway.
    10. This is an argument that might not really get anywhere. The overall quality of anime might be the same as before or it may not, depending on what you give more importance to. Animation has gotten waaaayyy better with technological advances and all, so that’s a plus. There’s a lot more anime being produced on average per season/year then there was 10 years ago. Because of that the amount of crappy shows has increased too and a lot of the material’s recycled and uninspired. However the amount of creative/non-shit shows has remained reasonably the same per season/year. (this may interest you http://psgels.net/2014/01/09/ranking-all-of-the-past-winter-seasons-till-2000/). So I’d say it’s a 50/50 argument. The amount of crappy shows has increased astronomically, while the amount of good shows hasn’t really decreased.

    My own unpopular opinions? Off the top of my head I’ll go with:
    1. Moe sucks.
    2. Anime needs to cut down on the amount of fanservice it shoves at its audience. Boobs aren’t really a substitute for good plot. Neither are panties. (Plus it makes for awkward family times.)
    3. Tsunderes annoy the crap out of me.
    4. We need more original material. Less visual novel and game adaptations and the like. Too many of them have been crap.
    5. Enough imoutos! Let us bury the imoutos! Let us free the imoutos! But please, let us LEAVE the imoutos.
    Anyway great post as usual. I expected more raging though 🙂


    1. I actually have no idea what the general consensus is (if there is one at all) in the anime fandom about Baccano vs. Durarara. I just know that I’ve seen a lot of people say they love the former but not the latter, as well as vice versa.
      And you’re most likely right, it’s probably not going to be an argument that goes anywhere much with regards to #10. Luckily, I’m not attempting to argue anything – it’s meant as a simple opinion, as opposed to an expression of my desire for a debate (although if people feel like debating it, that’s fine too). I will say though that I wasn’t alluding to the purely technical merits of anime, i.e. animation. There’s no doubt that’s gotten better over time as technology has improved. In any case, I agree with what you said there in your final sentence, which was essentially my point to begin with. 🙂

      1) Fair enough. I personally don’t watch a whole lot of it because, with a couple of exceptions, it doesn’t appeal to me on a general level. I don’t mind if other people like it though – that’s their business.
      2) Yup. I’ve seen anime that I’ve really liked which has had plenty of fanservice, but I don’t watch anime -for- the fanservice, and I too am often irrirated when fanservice apparently = plot.
      3) Ditto.
      4) Ditto.
      5) Ditto.

      Thank you. And raging from me, or raging in the comments? I’m not really a rage kind of person myself – I just don’t have the time or energy for it. As for the comments, I like to think the majority of people reading this are generally polite and well-reasoned individuals who can disagree without typing in capslock or resorting to snarky sarcasm. Of course, I could be wrong – time will tell, I suppose.


      1. Well it’s a post about unpopular opinions, so to be honest I was expecting a bit of raging from you (but I guess that’s just me being immature). I wouldn’t really expect any raging in the comments though. From my experience I’d say that most bloggers and commenters on wordpress (in the aniblogosphere at least) are non-assholes. Opinions are generally more welcome than, say, compared to tumblr (where people lash more easily to opinions and jokes in a failure to understand they’re just that- opinions and jokes) Heck this is coming from someone who loves tumblr, and I still understand that as I’m writing this, someone on tumblr has been offended by it.


        1. I have a personal blog elsewhere in which I occasionally vent my feelings in a more rageful fashion. Here on WordPress though, I’d say people are bound to be disappointed if they’re expecting much rage from me. I just don’t see the point, and I also can’t be bothered with posts that are intentionally trying to get a rise out of their readers.
          I confess, I’ve never actually been on tumblr. It sounds time-consuming though, which is one of the reasons why I haven’t.


  7. Well done on you for doing this. The internet is a fierce thing, so it’s tough to open oneself to this kind of discussion. Let’s see, a couple I wanted to touch on.

    2. I think this is fair enough, though I myself tend to apply it only to shows that bore me (all the problematic elements aside, that’s the real reason I dropped Sword Art Online like a lead potato – nothing I hadn’t seen done before and better elsewhere, before the harem and whatever happened to Asuna in the second half kicked in). If I’m interested and run into a rough patch of storytelling, I do try to stick it out to the end to see if there’s some kind of grand artistic statement in the making.

    3. I’ll always come down on the side of Baccano myself, though I can respect DRRR and the many interesting things it did. At the end of the day I just find Baccano the more tightly scripted story, with characters I found more appealing (but I love mobster stories, Tarantino, and meta-narrative, so that show pretty much showed up on my doorstep with a wedding ring to begin with), and the aspects of storytelling element interests me more than DRRR’s (well handled) exploration of self, identity, and the modern digital age. Not that I’m trying to sell a conversion here – they’re both very good shows.

    4. I have some serious nostalgia for 90s shonen, and I’ll defend RuroKen as legitimately good drama up through its famous Shishio arc. But it’s a genre, and at the end of the day, you can’t ever blame a person for not finding certain generic conventions appealing. Why browbeat them with something that;s just plain not for them?

    7. Yeah, we’ve had this discussion before. Eva fans are destined to war evermore, so long as we do it all in a friendly way.

    9. Maybe I need to give it more of a fair shake, but guhhhhhhhh did I hate SAO. Could be that I consider the very poe-faced depiction of fantasy the show has to be a bore, and the trapped in a game element not interesting enough to be a consistent hook, or the art design painfully generic, or the lead less wish fulfilling (which I’ve got no problem with, coughLupincough) and more just sort of blandly Anime Awesome (though his relationship with Asuna was rather sweet), or that I hate harem elements 85% of the time, or….
    I should just stop. You find something in the show that speaks to you, and I’m all for that (I like some things that are…rather indefensible from a quality standpoint). I’ll never like it, but I’m content to let it be what it is.


    1. Thank you. 🙂 I’ll admit to being a bit unsure about posting this, but I did because a) I said I would, and b) I’d like to think that most people who’ll be reading it are generally okay people who are capable of disagreeing in a respectful manner. So far so good anyway.

      I enjoyed Baccano, but I enjoyed Durarara more and think it’s objectively the better of the two shows as well. I’m a fan of mobster stories and Tarantino as well, but I thought the pacing in Baccano was all over the place, and the time skips stopped being novel after a while and just became plain irritating to me. But to each their own.

      I don’t think RuroKen is bad by any means – I just didn’t enjoy it. By the time I watched it I already knew I didn’t like shounen battle stories, not because they’re all terrible but because they just aren’t usually my thing.

      I agree with everything you’ve said about SAO. It’s just that I really liked it anyway. Personally (and it sounds as though you think along similar lines), I don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking a show regardless of whether it’s actually good or bad. What I object to is people saying something like “Naruto is the best show ever” or “SAO is the worst show ever”, when I think what they really mean is “Naruto is my favourite show” or “I disliked SAO the most.” To me, these are completely different things.


      1. See, I have a hard time going Objective Analysis on Baccano (which is bad, cause that’s my whole schtick….), because whenever I see it I’m swept up in this giddy joy for life and the possibilities of anime as a genre and the malleability of storytelling and arghhh (that is not a very compelling article, right there). And I’ve noticed a very definite trend in my top anime list that favors Japanese interpretations of Western stories or themes and motifs, so biased again.
        Whenever I think of the two I’m always left with the caveat ‘but I still like the other thing.’ For example, I think Ladd Russo is a great deal more fun than Izaya…but I still really like Izaya. I find the time skips, with their subtly different color palettes and visual ques and effective juggling of ‘here are points where each item is thematically relevant to the others’ more appealing than DRRR’s chat room mystery-aesthetic (which began to tire me as much as the time skips did you)…but it’s still effective in terms of exploring depersonalization on the web, one of DRRR’s primary themes. I think this will have to be chalked up with the Eva finale thing as something we’ll forever have differing opinions on (is this what adulthood feels like, it’s freaking me out).


        1. I think that’s fair enough. I also have certain anime titles that I love wholeheartedly, purely because it gives me such profound joy to watch, objective criticism be damned. One you’ve found that thing that makes you giddily happy, I say cling onto it for dear life, because they don’t seem to come around too often – much less in a Japanese cartoon.


  8. I admire you for having the balls to admit 3). This is the way I read the whole Baccano versus Durarara thing:

    Durarara (first half) > Baccano > Durarara (second half)

    Durarara has more memorable characters, so it wins overall. Plus more fujoshi pandering. Can’t say no to the fujoshi pandering!

    Most of my opinions are dumb and unpopular only within the aniblogsphere (i.e. I like imouto characters and ecchi, etc.) You already know what I think on a variety of issues, so I won’t harp on here about them.


    1. It’s not that I didn’t like Baccano – on the contrary, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s just that I enjoyed Durarara far more, and think that it’s objectively the better of the two shows. Honestly, I thought the pacing in Baccano was all over the place, and the time skips stopped being novel after a while and just became plain irritating to me. I dislike it when shows come across as trying way too hard to be clever. But yeah, nothing against Baccano as such, and to each their own, etc. etc.


  9. My taste is more or less unusual, thus so do my opinions:

    1. Kids’ anime are very good in general and can be better than the ones aimed towards older audiences. Aikatsu! is better than Love Live!, Danball Senki Wars is better than Kakumeiki Valvrave and Future Card Buddyfight is better than ZX Ignition, for starters.

    2. Kill La Kill feels a lot like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece or (insert any battle shounen anime here).

    3. Absurd comedy has to be both absurd and comedic. Just being absurd alone is not enough. D-Frag! is a good example which ended up with me dropping it after just one episode.

    4. Just because an anime is aimed for a certain demographic does not mean that I have to watch it in the same way as how they watch it.

    5. I would like to see a harem anime with zero fanservice, but that is not going to happen soon.

    6. An anime can be good as a genre, but can bad as another.

    7. The higher the hype, the worst the disappointment can become.

    8. A season full of diverse anime of various genres is a good anime season.

    9. Watching an anime for its face value may leave a viewer missing great things. Btooom! on the surface is a survival game story, but it actually examines the relationship and trust between people when things has gone extremely bad.

    10. A good battle scene needs deep and well thought strategy, makes sense from the perspective of the characters, visually stunning and intense enough to make a viewer feels that he/she is watching the battle in the anime instead of in front of a screen.

    As for yours, I can’t really comment on those.


    1. I agree with most of yours of those that I know enough about to do so. Though I haven’t seen any of the titles you mentioned for numbers 1, 3, or 9, so likewise, I can’t really comment.


  10. AUUGHHHHH! WordPress ate my lengthy comment post! Here’s a somewhat shortened version instead.

    1) I care.
    2) I rarely drop, but I will defer shows indefinitely to the bottomless pit that is my backlog (totally not the same thing, I swear!)
    3) I’ve watched neither. All I know is that Durarara!! beats Baccano! readily in amount of fanart/fanfic/doujinshi.
    4) I’ve not watched enough to be comfortable with blanket judging the whole genre. But reward vs. time commitment is a thing. Besides shounen battle and shounen sports, most other long runners seem to be “children’s shows” and episodic comedies, on par with American animation. Long-running drama/romance is out of favor in anime, it seems.
    5) “Animes” sounds silly, as does “animu.” “Chinese cartoons” is offensive.
    6) Is this even contentious? Bad spelling/grammar is bad spelling/grammar. Some people might have English as a second language, though. Anime blogging is an international community!
    7) Regardless of whether the TV series makes sense or is complete in itself, EoE adds consequential material, so I don’t consider it bullshit! Same goes for Madoka Magica and Rebellion Story.
    8) Artistic license with how computer/network technology works came across as distractingly silly and idiotic rather than cool or entertaining.
    9) Expectations are everything, and the beginning set me up for something quite different from what was delivered. Waitlisted at Episode 5, but I’m sure I could enjoy it with revised expectations.
    10) Ditto to Appropriant’s reply.

    – Which side has the majority opinion? Nobody’s going to every nook and cranny of anime fandom to take a vote, so we’ll never know. So “unpopular” doesn’t work. “Controversial” still seems slightly biased to one side. Maybe “opinions on divisive anime topics” is a more accurate title.
    – Clannad is (in my opinion) the best visual novel adaption to anime out there. But it’s still a visual novel adaptation, or more specifically, a galge (gal game) adaptation. That means most of the time is spent on character arcs for secondary heroines who are only tangentially involved in the endgame, the “true route,” or After Story. This works in visual novel form, but in anime series there is greater expectation for linear, focused storytelling. We need more appreciation for the splendid medium that is the visual novel!
    – Viva Namida! Viva nakige! Viva moe!


    1. I don’t know if either side has the majority opinion for many of these. (I confess I’m not very connected with most anime fandoms out there – I just blog, and don’t really participate in anything else.) This is something I thought about before writing but ultimately just pushed to one side. I guess I could have gone with a title such as “opinions on divisive anime topics”, but you have to admit it’s nowhere near as catchy.

      I don’t mind visual novel adaptations as such. I don’t play visual novels but I won’t hold it against an anime if it’s based on one. I don’t have a problem as such with Clannad either – I just got bored. What can I say, the show simply wasn’t my thing.


  11. I’ve got to agree with Vrai’s assessment on Baccano! .vs. Durarara, and I think you owe us another item since #6 hardly counts as an anime opinion or even an unpopular/controversial one. :p

    Here’s a few of my own:

    1. The Fruits Basket anime is way better than the manga. Also, Kyo is annoying.

    2. Studio Ghibli shouldn’t be grouped in “anime” as it’s more like the Disney of Japan than part of the general anime industry. They feel completely different to me. As much as I like Ghibli films, they are not what I’m thinking of when I say I like anime.

    3. CLAMP is excellent with character design, but not that good with storytelling. The anime adaptations make them a little coherent and sometimes more satisfying (CCS), but that’s not always enough to save the plot and subplots (MKR).

    4. I liked Earth Girl Arjuna.

    5. I liked Gakkou no Kaidan too, before it got popular just for having a dub that made fun of itself.

    6. Serious romance between very two child characters irritates me or makes me uncomfortable (though there are a few exceptions that simply write child characters and casts very well to begin with), especially if they kiss (I will forever loathe Kourin and Eigetsu as a pairing, however more determined their romance is than the any of the rest of the Saiunkoku cast. It was just EW.). However, children having serious crushes on older characters doesn’t both me, even when the older character crushes back (in a non-sexy way).

    7. Kappei Yamaguchi worked as Inuyasha, but his growly voice drives me batty in any other role.

    8. Digimon is still better than Pokemon, though they can really only be compared on the basis of having a cast of children with a larger cast of monsters and a similar name. Whatever. Digimon is still better.

    9. At least in the series, Utena and Anthy are NOT lovers.

    10. Tsundere characters aren’t THAT annoying. This is part where I dodge flying sharp objects now, right?


    1. I think #6 should count for me, since with a couple of exceptions, I really only ever read anime-centric blogs on WordPress. 😉

      My responses to yours:
      1) I agree that Kyo is annoying, I’ve never read the Fruits Basket manga though, so I can’t comment on what I think of that.
      2) To me personally, ‘anime’ simply means ‘cartoon made in Japan by Japanese people.’ I get that Ghibli feels vastly different to most other anime out there though.
      3) I’m tempted to agree.
      4) Me too. I didn’t love it, and there are a couple of issues in particular that bugged me, but overall I enjoyed the series.
      5) Haven’t seen it, so no comment.
      6) Fair enough. I feel much the same way I think.
      7) To each their own. His voice doesn’t especially annoy me, but then, I don’t particularly love it either. I think he did a great job in Death Note, but I haven’t actually seen that many of the anime he’s starred in as a main character.
      8) Yes, absolutely.
      9) WHAAAT? (Just kidding. I think they probably are, but it’s a highly interpretive show.)
      10) Be careful of that kitchen knife zooming towards your head on the way out! 😉


  12. #7: I was thinking of following that up with saying his voice annoys me in everything but Death Note, because I think he was speaking in a very, very subdued and different way as L because I didn’t even recognize his voice for a while. In some ways his usual tone has also gotten too distinctive to me, so that it’s like hearing Inuyasha coming out of another character’s mouth. I got these sense with a few other seiyuu who have starred in everything too, but not quite as much as with Yamaguchi, who just grates on my ears now that it sticks out so much to me.

    #9: Speaking of the interpretive qualities of Utena, in the honor’s college at my undergrad we had a class called “Interpretation of Self, Culture, and Society” which included forcing us to read books like The White Hotel, which then led to very passionate discussion whether people loved or hated it. I later suggested to my teacher who wrote the book on shoujo manga that we should have that class watch Adolescence of Utena (no background context) and see what everyone makes of it. The idea still tickles me.

    #10: Geez, i-i-it wasn’t as if I was trying to say I /LIKE/ those characters or something. Hmph! ;p


    1. Yes, they could. Whether or not that actually makes such a list nonsense is debatable. I’m certainly not forcing you to read it however, so I’m not really sure what your point is.


    1. I think dub shows are fine. 🙂 I watch more anime in Japanese than English myself, but that’s mostly because I have more favourite Japanese voice actors than I do non-Japanese. However, I still prefer the dub versions for several shows.


  13. I don’t think DBZ is all that good.
    I actually despise One Piece.
    I don’t like Clannad.
    I prefer some dubs to their subs.
    I hate the word “animes” as well.

    Good list.


  14. *THUMBS UP!*

    I respect these opinions, each and everyone. Though you can probably guess that i disagree with some of them greatly.

    1. I love Clannad, despite realizing that the first series wasn’t all that great, and that ~After Story is scientifically constructed to make me cry and hate snow.

    2. I live by the 3-5 episode rule, though I have broken it. It stems back from my days of (dating myself terribly here) of renting random DVDs from Blockbuster, or buying interesting looking anime DVDs from a local comic shop.

    3. I have NEVER watched Baccano!, which probably makes me even more of a heretic than you. But I love Durarara!! regardless.

    4. Shounen battle manga/anime is at the core of my anime fanhood. Even with the obvious flaws, tropes and cliches. I wish everyone could learn to enjoy gems like Hunter X Hunter and One Piece, or groundbreaking classics like Dragonball and Dragonball Z. I appreciate not being looked down on because of my Naruto fanhood though.

    5. *shudders!*

    6. I will never correct a blogger’s spelling in a post unless it’s grossly incorrect, or I’m asked to proofread. I read news articles in print and online all the time with those errors, I won’t judge someone not getting paid.


    8. OUCH! Well, it is pretty corny. I thought it was fun as hell though. Ridiculous to an extreme, but fun.

    9. No experience on this shockingly polarizing series (seriously, how could any modern show be more polarizing than Evangelion). Though I will say that I’ve watched four episodes and I LOVE what I saw. And that’s coming from a fiercely protective .hack//SIGN fan. This should be a very educational watch whenever I get around to it.

    10. Agreed. I thought 2013 had some spectacular series. If there is a perceived drop in anime quality, it is because so many more and different shows are being produced. They can’t all be hits, or have quality staff and concepts. Whine less, try harder.

    As for your question, I have to nominate my opinion that Honey & Clover is just boring and i can’t get into it at all! I really, really want to, but I’m afraid I just don’t like it. I’m sure I have more, but I can’t think of them now.


    1. I don’t have anything against Clannad. I actually wished I liked it more, since that way I could get into After Story, which everyone says is far better and has a lot of emotional impact. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t my thing and I couldn’t get into it. But whether it’s Clannad or long-running shounen titles like Dragon Ball or Naruto, I’d never look down on someone for their personal tastes. I might think poorly of any given anime, but I don’t base my opinions of actual people on what they choose to watch. Otherwise I’d be a huge hypocrite myself! Also, even though I might not like Naruto or One Piece or whatever, I can still appreciate their value, if that makes sense.

      Oh, I would never correct a blogger’s spelling or grammar either. I wouldn’t say a thing – I’d just stop reading.

      I think that’s fair about Honey and Clover. I really enjoyed it, but I’ll also be the first to admit that it has some pacing issues, and in general seemed to stretch on for longer than it was warranted.


  15. 1) I don’t care for Clannad either!…Actually, half true. Was supposed to watch it eventually, never did. I will at some point, but I have other things in my backlog to tackle. I have heard great things about After Story and the movie though.

    2) I love the three episode rule on stuff I’m lukewarm on! But if it’s something like Mahou Sensou, C3-Bu (Dropped after two episodes) or Tamako Market or Arcana Famiglia (Dropped after one ep), then fudge the 3 ep rule!

    So in a roundabout way, I agree with you.

    3) I watched Baccano! at my anime club. Never finished. I watched Durarara!! and loved what I watched. Also never finished it. I’m clearly doing this wrong.

    4) B-but Inuyasha was…was something. That was a part of me growing up lol even though it gets terribly long, I enjoyed what I watched of it.

    Also, I know the shows you listed are pretty meh (Rurouni Kenshin probably the only difference), but I’d say Hunter x Hunter is a different breed from those shows. It’s really good.

    5) I converted to this logic two years ago. You just can’t say animes. W-why? Why do people say it!?!?

    6) I’ve read so many blog posts that have terrible grammar that I’ve become desensitized to it. That said, I cut my ties with stuff that’s hard to read quickly nowadays.

    7) I’m of two minds with the TV series and the movies I’ve seen so far (1.11 and 2.22). Mainly because I still liked them, and they brought an intensity that most anime fail to do even now. That said, TV, even with the mindbrained ending >>> movies.

    8) Why didn’t you celebrate when everyone at the end shouted Koi-Koi, you fiend!!!

    9) All I know is that after the very first episode, it decided to be something it never had to be. And along with many of its writing inconsistencies (and other problems, especially the second half), it still remains my biggest disappointment as far as anime that I have watched over a three year span of committing myself to anime more often. However, SAO was the first anime to teach me a lesson — if something smells rotten, give up. I held out hope throughout it’s run that it would change course and be better, and it really never did. So I guess SAO was useful for something.

    10) “I don’t think anime is getting worse. I just think people are getting lazier and/or their standards are changing based on their experiences and expectations. If you identify as an anime fan but can’t find any recent shows that you like, it’s probably because you’re not trying hard enough.”

    I feel that’s a bit harsh, no?

    Otherwise, thanks for sharing your (allegedly) unpopular opinions =p


    1. I’ve also heard excellent things about After Story, so I wish I liked the first season more. As it stands though, I just can’t see myself being patient enough to go the whole way through just to get to the good stuff.

      Hunter x Hunter is yet another long-running series I just didn’t like. I’m not necessarily saying that all long-running shows are bad, or even that they’re all similar to each other. More likely, I simply have limited patience/attention span and prefer to watch things that have better production values than the longer titles are able to deliver because of budgeting. However, I won’t belittle someone else for liking what they like. Regardless of how someone’s tastes differ from my own, I think people should go ahead and watch whatever it is that makes them happy.

      No, I don’t really think it’s being harsh. I certainly don’t mean to come across as rude, but I do get sick of people making utterly ridiculous statements such as “the anime industry is dying” or “anime is ten times worse now than it was back in the 90s.” It’s just that most people can afford to be picky now, because there’s far more anime that’s easily and freely accessible than there once was. That doesn’t translate into anime growing worse over the years though, and frankly, I’m tired of that sentiment.


  16. I really did enjoy the hell out of Baccano but didn’t care much for Durarara so #3 surprised me a bit, yeah.

    Huh, I dunno if I have any major “unpopular” opinions about anime. Maybe that Btooom is IMO a lot better in many aspects than SAO, especially the romance.


    1. I enjoyed Baccano quite a bit – I just enjoyed Durarara way more (and also I think the latter is a better series in terms of production qualities, soundtrack, etc.). But I get that both titles have their merits as well as their drawbacks.

      The romance in SAO certainly wasn’t my favourite aspect of the show. But then again, romance rarely is my favourite aspect of any show, so whatever. I didn’t like Btooom at all (or what little I saw of it), but to each their own.


  17. After reading this, I can safely say with confidence that you are Literally Hitler™.

    Also, I must remember to never bring up Evangelion around you. As a zealous Evangelion fanboy willing to argue that everything related to it is Just As Planned, I fear any discussion between you and I will just turn into a shouting match.


    1. Good to know, I guess?

      I’ve had plenty of debates with people about Evangelion before, but they never come to anything – mostly because neither side wants to back down regardless of what actually gets said. To be honest though, it doesn’t bother me all that much. I’m an Evangelion fan but not an obsessive one, and am quite happy to let others think whatever it is that makes them happy.


  18. 3 is dead wrong. 4 is kinda as well, if you consider all the good 50+ anime (Ojamajo, Turn A Gundam, Urusei Yatsura etc.), but none of those are battle shounens so I get what you’re saying. 6 has nothing to do with anime but is kinda dumb (as someone trained in linguistics let me tell you…you have no idea what ‘grammar’ means :P). 7 and 8 are daps worthy, but you kill it with saying SAO is good 😦

    10 unpopular (but correct) opinions:
    -Hayao Miyazaki stopped making good films post Porco Rosso (haven’t seen Ponyo in a while fwiw)
    -Masaaki Yuasa has never directed anything fully good. Lower batting average than corpse Shinbo
    -K-On!! is one of the best slice of life series of the last decade.
    -Umetsu’s action-porno OVAs (Kite, Mezzo Forte) are legitimately good
    -Haibane Renmei is vapid pretentious animu with some real ugly early digital composition
    -Mamoru Oshii is the GOAT anime director
    -LOGH hasn’t aged well at all
    -Toradora! was pathetic and mawkish. Simply The Worst.
    -Escaflowne movie doesn’t deserve the hate (the ending was dumb tho)


    1. I… don’t really think any of these are wrong. I mean, they’re opinions – by their very nature, their subjective and completely personal. But hey, let’s not split hairs. For what it’s worth, I disagree with pretty much everything you’ve listed as well (other than the stuff I haven’t seen at all and therefore have no opinion about). Oh, please also note that I didn’t say SAO was good – I said I enjoyed it. There’s a pretty big difference there.


      1. Well, the grammar thing is not up for debate. ‘Prescriptive grammar’ is regarded by linguists like intelligent design is by biologists. Judging people for arbitrary made-up rules (“don’t split an infinitive”) or orthographical conventions (oxford comma y/n?) seems asinine. As long as you can understand what someone is saying, it doesn’t really matter.

        Also, what specific things do you disagree with on that list, and why? I think that could be a good source of discussion.


        1. Sure, if you’d like. Alright, here are my thoughts on your points then:

          1. I don’t think I could disagree more strongly. I’m not going to argue the merits of the stories, because if you don’t like them, you don’t like them – that’s a fairly personal thing. What I will say is that all of his work is extremely high quality, both in terms of visuals as well as sound, and that while the content may often be simple, I don’t believe something needs to be particularly complex in order to be good.

          2. I have no opinion, since I’ve never watched more than a couple of episodes of anything he’s directed.

          3. I don’t think K-On! is bad, but I lost interest early on during the second season because there’s only so much generic moe I can take. I’d say the best slice-of-life anime series to have come out within the last few years is definitely Usagi Drop.

          4. I’ve seen Kite and thought it was about average. I get that it’s one of the anime porn ‘classics’ though, and I can see why. I really have nothing much to compare it to in any case, so I suppose I don’t have any strong opinions about that.

          5. I enjoyed Haibane Renmei and I don’t think it was especially ugly. However, it’s also not one of my favourite anime titles and nor would I call it extremely beautiful. In short, I think the series is good, but not great. As far as it being pretentious goes, I’ve just seen way too many other anime titles that take pretentious to a whole new level, so it’s possible that I simply have a higher tolerance than many viewers.

          6. I actually have no idea what you mean.

          7. I assume you’re talking about Legend of the Galactic Heroes – which I haven’t seen any of, so no comment.

          8. Again, I haven’t seen either of these.

          9. I enjoyed Toradora!, although I also don’t think it’s one of the best shows of all time. However, if you genuinely believe that it’s one of the worst anime of all time, then I have to assume that you either haven’t watched a whole lot of anime, or else haven’t seen any of the truly awful stuff.

          10. I’ve seen the Escaflowne series but not the movie, so once again I have no opinion.


          1. 1, Miyazaki is great…when he’s doing adventure films and cribbing pulp detective novels. Princess Mononoke/Howl’s/Spirited Away were all pretty preachy, and didn’t have any of the great landscape cinematography that characterized Miyazaki’s earlier works. His post Porco Rosso films feel phoned-in by comparison.

            3, K-On!! isn’t really generic. The areas it excels in (character animation, ambience, emotional appeals) are rarely executed well in SoL/moe stuff. Probably the best Kyoto Ani thing besides Hyouka.

            6, GOAT=Greatest Of All Time. If you haven’t seen any Oshii films, get on that!

            9, I generally don’t watch bad anime since I know to bail out when the going gets rough. Toradora was hypnotizing in how contrived and self-serious its character drama was. I only watched it cause some blogger dude said Tatsuyuki Nagai was influenced by Ikuhara, but the direction in Toradora was bleh, in addition to the show being poorly scripted. Probably not the worst but among the worst that I’ve seen (which is a lot, like hundreds of anime).

            Newest controversial idea: Kill la Kill is not simply overrated, but an objectively bad show in almost every regard.


            1. 1. *shrugs* I liked all those movies – particularly Spirited Away – but then, I didn’t think they were needlessly preachy. They certainly had some obvious moral-of-the-story moments, I won’t argue there, but I didn’t feel as though I was being hit over the head with them. Earth Girl Arjuna – now there’s one hell of a preachy anime.

              3. Sure, K-On! excels at what it does, but there’s nothing there that struck me as particularly original, which is what I meant by generic. Also, when each episode normally contains a good chunk of nothing more than a bunch of girls sitting around drinking tea and eating cake, I can’t help but get bored. But I do agree that what K-On! does do, it does very well. Ultimately, most moe shows just don’t do much for me. If that’s what other people like though, then good for them.

              6. Oh, I see. Well, I really liked Skycrawlers. I’m not a huge Oshii fan as a whole, but I appreciate that he’s a good director.

              9. Fair enough.

              I can’t decide if that last point is a controversial idea or not. While I personally enjoy the series and am aware of its popularity, I also know that a lot of people are far from impressed.


              1. Lol I really need to watch Arjuna. Has such a reputation.

                If you liked Skycrawlers then you should check out his other works. Good place to start would be Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer and the Patlabor movies.


                1. To be fair, Arjuna had some good things going for it as well. It’s not by any means a terrible series – it just happens to be one that really likes to ram home its messages – and there are quite a few of those, ranging from natural farming to abortion.


  19. 3 episode rule is solid. Two of my 10/10s (Gunslinger Girl, Gungrave) would’ve been lost if I didn’t persevere. Ooh, if it’s not happening by three full episodes (Anohana) we are not meant to be.


    1. I don’t think the 3-episode rule is a bad one – but if I dislike an anime enough to put me off that much, then I won’t force myself to watch a full three episodes. And even if an anime does have a weak first episode or so and then gets better, that’s still a pretty big issue with the anime as a whole.


  20. 11. They are both good but Samurai Champion is better than Cowboy Bebop.
    Problem is Bebop is often seen as perfect and I think it gets romanticized alot.


    1. I like both very much, but I think Bebop is better. I won’t argue that Bebop is romanticized as a ‘perfect’ anime (I’m not sure such a thing could really exist), but I do think it’s a show that’s basically as perfect as it’s possible for an anime to be. Personal taste aside for the moment, it’s originality at the time it was made, it’s extremely solid production values, and the impact it had on future anime shows, just can’t be overlooked.


  21. There’s quite a mix of things I personally agree and disagree on here so, well, guess I’ll handle it one-by-one:

    1. It’s too bad you don’t like Clannad, it’s one of my all-time favorites. I really loved the characters and it has some powerful themes. In general I’m the type of person who really enjoys feelsy stories with substantial development, and I feel Clannad definitely qualifies in that regard so it’s no surprise that I absolutely love it. But if it’s not your thing then it’s not your thing, not everyone is fond of the format it has and the characterization isn’t exactly equal so it can’t be helped. I would (like many others) say that After Story is stronger because of its greatest moments and how they all tie in to Clannad’s themes, but I’m also someone who enjoyed S1 enough to give it a 10/10 so there’s that. It’s no good to force yourself to watch it if it’s not something you’d enjoy, though I do think going through After Story is something worthwhile just to experience it.

    2. I never followed the three episode rule, I’m the type of person who never drops an anime and always sticks through with it to the end, I’m just obsessive like that lol. Granted, I won’t pick up a series if I feel it’s going to be a genuinely unpleasant experience, but even if I’m displeased but what I’m watching I refuse to stop until I’ve seen the very end. Time and time again I’ve come across stories that didn’t impress me at first and went on after being encouraged to pull through, and the payoff was truly amazing, so I’ve firmly decided I would never drop a series. Sure, I have countless series on indefinite hold but I genuinely wish to get back to them……one day. In any case, I don’t think it’s fair to criticize a series without giving it a proper chance and going through at least half of it (preferably all of it) to get a full grasp of the degree of its execution and what it did or didn’t do in the long run. But hey, that’s just me, and I don’t expect everyone to do what I do. I’m not sure if I’d be happy if everyone else did what I do, actually.

    3. I’m not sure if I’d say Durarara!! is superior to Baccano! in every way, but I would say that I did enjoy Durarara!! over Baccano!. The setting is more my style and I personally found most of the cast more memorable. I was really fond of Izaya and Kida, the other characters as well but mostly those two. But I will say that I feel Baccano did a brilliant job with giving wide characterization and a story of such a scale in a matter of 13 (I guess you could say 16 if you count the specials, though those don’t exactly contribute to said scale on the whole) episodes, and that’s something I can’t say about most series out there so props to it for that. On another note, I’m very much looking forward to Durarara!! S2, from what I’ve heard it’ll be an insane but powerfully gripping experience so I can’t wait.

    4. I enjoy most of these series to an extent but I understand why you dislike them. Naruto and Bleach in particular can feel pretty formulaic at times and this is coming from someone who only reads them, I can only imagine one’s frustration with that sort of story spread over hundreds of episodes’ worth of length, and that’s an investment a lot of people just wouldn’t be willing to bother with. I personally love One Piece and feel it has great world building and a solid cast, and it starts slow but it does build into something I find fantastic. Granted, reading through the slow start is absolutely not hard at all and it’s a quick read getting to at least the fairly entertaining parts, but I don’t believe it can be quite so true for the anime so I understand why not everyone will like it. My policy with long-running Shounens is to read the manga, I’m easily entertained so I probably won’t hate them (and I have a bit of a soft spot for them, childhood nostalgia and all) and it’s significantly faster than the horrifying episode lengths of the anime adaptations.

    5/6. I tend to avoid using the term “animes” personally but I wouldn’t judge anyone for using it. Not everyone is as picky about grammar as I am, and I’ve encountered a lot of people from other countries that write in English (and do a pretty good, if not perfect) job of it despite it being far from their first language. I think it would be unfair to disregard what they’re saying solely because of something like that. I was like that at some point in my life as well so I’m willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. When it comes to really obnoxious people on the web, grammar starts to matter much, much less than what it is they’re saying.

    7. I was quite fine with Eva’s TV ending myself (just because I thought it was really nice seeing Shinji come to terms with himself and experience acceptance of some form where that was in severe lack of supply throughout the anime) but I did find End of Eva more satisfying. It was a total mindscrew and it was the first thing I watched that I finished without having any idea of how to rate it at first, but after looking into it I found it to be truly fascinating. There are a lot of subtleties within it all, and while there’s a lot of controversy over the meaning and significance of a lot of the events, I just find it all the more fascinating as it’s not such a black and white ending. In particular I found the final scene of End of Eva especially powerful, I felt it was a great note to end on and it’s one of the few endings that feels open yet conclusive at the same time, it’s a strange thing.

    8. Never did watch Summer Wars, one of these days I will. I’ll probably enjoy it, though I tend to enjoy just about anything.

    9. I enjoyed SAO myself, though it certainly has a lot of flaws. I must say I liked keeping up with watching it weekly, even if it’s a far from perfect series. I like it to some extent but I wouldn’t say I loved it. And on that note, a lot of people say that ALO is what ruined the series and I disagree. I for one found episode 14 (the conclusion of Aincard arc) to be the worst episode of the anime, aside from perhaps the first 5 minutes it felt like just about everything that could’ve been done in a disappointing and plot-induced way was presented along with a rushed conclusion and a lot of unexplained conveniences. I absolutely hated that episode, so nothing from even ALO could disappoint me more than that.

    10. I agree 100% on this. I just can’t take anyone who says that anime is a lost cause or that there are no good anime today seriously (mostly because I just can’t process the idea that people could say something so pretentious and be serious about it). Obviously some people are drawn to the older classics and that’s fine, but people saying that nothing else today is “good” or “quality” are just trying to impose their personal disappointment about a lack of tropes, themes, and qualities THEY find worthwhile on other people. To begin with, all of that is highly subjective so I tend to dismiss anyone who would try to shove such an opinion on me. I’ll enjoy what I enjoy, and others can enjoy what they enjoy and that’s how it goes. But the moment someone tries to shove their standards of “objectivity” at me……oh dear.

    As for some unpopular anime opinions of mine:
    – I actually REALLY enjoyed Guilty Crown, despite what seems to be a universal hatred for it on the internet. Maybe it’s just the fact that I enjoyed seeing tropes from series I loved all bunched up here, or that the production values really caught me. I’ll concede that the story didn’t quite reach the scale it had the potential to and characterization wasn’t perfect across the board (particularly with Inori), but it does sadden me to think that I’m one of the few people out there who really did find it to be a worthwhile series. Though part of it too is that I went into it thinking things like “This is going to be terrible” and “There’s no way I’m going to like this” and ended up having a blast in the end. Guess the moral of the story here is to enjoy what I want and not be so preoccupied with what other people think about it, there are multiple series I’ve heard weren’t that good and, lo and behold, I ended up loving them. Who has the right to say another’s subjective opinion is wrong anyway?
    – My favorite character from Gurren Lagann is Simon, and as much as I like Kamina, I wouldn’t even put him in my top 3 (I’d probably put Kittan and Viral above him personally). What?! Not having the great and manly Kamina at the top? Blasphemy! Well, as awesome as I find Kamina and as important as he is to driving the story, I couldn’t care for him as much as Simon. Mostly because Simon gets all the great development, and I can relate to him to an extent as Gurren Lagann is a story that got me through hard times personally. Kamina is still a man among men and being a character from Gurren I find him lovable, but his development wasn’t nearly fleshed out as Simon’s for obvious reasons, and I’m big on character development so Simon is easily my favorite of the cast. Even if at some points in time, my favorite character from that series has shifted to being others. A lot of others.
    – For those who have watched White Album 2, I prefer Ogiso over Touma. That’s not to say Touma’s a bad character (I’d consider her one of my favorite characters in general along with Ogiso) and truth be told I’d deem her characterization the strongest in the anime, but I love Ogiso for a great many reasons that would take far too long to explain so I shall leave it at that.
    – I’m not entirely sure if this is an unpopular opinion, but I prefer 20th Century Boys over Monster. Maybe more people like 20th CB and I’m just paranoid, but I’ve always felt like the people I talk to always call Monster the “far better” series and say it is more of a masterpiece, with the sole exception being the friend who got me into 20th CB, and we always tend to rant about the glory of 20th CB and why it’s worthy of our love. Of course, both of us love Monster as well (as pretty much anything Naoki Urasawa touches is going to be awesome in some way), but I just couldn’t enjoy it as much as 20th CB so it is what it is.

    Probably quite a bit more but those are what come to mind fairly quickly for me. But in any case, I think it’s good to acknowledge your own tastes and opinions and to be proud of them. Not everyone agrees with me, and I won’t agree with everyone either, but as long as I can respect the opinions of others and vice versa I think that’s okay. The spice of life (er, the anime fandom) is having discussions about these series with people who may not share the exact same opinion. It’s always nice to get more insight from various perspectives and to reconsider my own thoughts after being showed other ideas. Just as long as it doesn’t get personal. I probably made it really obvious from what I wrote before but I absolutely hate when people present their opinions as fact and disregard my thoughts while going on about how they are “correct” in an “objective” way. How can there be objectivity in enjoyment of entertainment? I mean, I would never defend Mars of Destruction as being a story better written than Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood for example, but ideas of “objective quality” quickly fall apart when people realize that not everyone values the same things to the same degree from different series. Why not just enjoy what you enjoy and be proud of explaining why?


    1. Thank you for your input. I really like it when people take the time to reply in such an in-depth way to posts – and regardless of whether or not people agree with me, it’s just as you point out: everyone has their own opinions, and it’s good to be able to discuss them without getting personal. I respect people who can do that a lot. 🙂

      As for my response to yours:

      – I’ve never actually watched Guilty Crown, but it’s on my to-watch list. I suspect it’s something I might enjoy, even if I don’t end up loving it.

      – I have watched Gurren Lagann, but it’s not a series I ever got that passionate about. I liked it, but probably not enough to have definite favourite characters.

      – I haven’t watched White Album 2, so no comment.

      – I haven’t watched 20th Century Boys either, although I did watch the first handful of episodes of Monster. Unfortunately, I didn’t really dig it and lost interest.

      Honestly, I think there are a few things that are objective in anime. For example, I think people can look at animation and say whether or not it’s good quality. But first and foremost, anime is a medium of entertainment – and in that respect, I agree with you; it’s about what people like and what they don’t, and in that sense, there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to watch it. People will always value different things, and that’s okay.


  22. Considering my own post had served a catalyst and is linked at the top, I’m going to not answer the prompt 🙂

    >2 Free Episode Rule

    I think the 5-6 episode rule is better myself, when I don’t drop something after 1-2 episodes. 5-6 really shows you what a show has. I also like marathoning shows, and 5-6 is when I feel immersed. Then again, in terms of “running out of ideas”, many shows had a superb first 5-6 episodes and then at episode 6-7 began free-falling, such as Angel Beats!

    I mostly dislike how people tell you how you must “obey the rule”, blech.

    >3 Durarara!! > Baccano!

    I really like DRRR. I wonder what I’d think of Baccano! when I watch it.


    Stopped reading, saw ‘animes’ appear not just once, but twice! What a horrible blog.

    More seriously, it annoys me, but I don’t stop reading at that point. 5-6 aren’t exactly “opinions” as much as behaviours, and 6 isn’t really anime-related 🙂

    >9 SAO ROCKS!

    Well, you know how I feel about it 😉 Very excited for S2, which should adapt the strongest material of the series.

    >10 Anime is getting worse.

    Well, there is more shit being made, especially if you consider more shows are being made, and most of what is made is shit at any given time. Also, we tend to mostly be familiar with the “worthy” stuff from before we began watching shows, while we may be familiar with everything from current seasons.

    Of course people’s tastes change as they watch more stuff. If I like “Anime X” and then watch 30 more shows just like it, I might slam the 31st, which would have been fine had it been the first, and slammed the first which I lauded, had I watched it last.

    Yes, there are great shows at almost any season (but not all seasons are born equal, just look at the recently departed Winter 2014, and ignore the Fall 2013 carry-overs). Also, anime isn’t the same, you can identify trends, and not everyone appreciates them. But yes, you get “Trend-buckers” and sui generis shows, such as Gatchaman Crowds and Kyousougiga.


    1. As you know, I’m a huge Durarara fan myself. I do actually quite like Baccano – I just like like and respect Durarara a lot more. I think there’s a fairly good chance of you also liking Baccano, and if you ever get around to watching it then I’d be interested to hear what you think.

      True that number 6 isn’t specifically anime-related. It’s mostly anime-related to me personally though, since with one or two exceptions, everything I read on WordPress has something to do with anime in one way or another.

      Likewise, I’m very keen to watch the second season of Sword Art Online. I wouldn’t necessary say that the first season was great, but it was something I very much enjoyed. And since anime (to me at least) is first and foremost in the business of entertaining viewers, I’d say it did it’s job pretty damn well. I understand perfectly why so many people had some serious problems with it, but I also think it became the favourite whipping boy of the anime community for a while there. There’s very little more pathetic than a bunch of people ripping something to shreds simply because it ends up being popular even when they personally don’t care for it.

      I certainly agree that there’s more shit anime being made than there was, say, a decade ago. But that doesn’t equate to less good stuff being made – it’s just that the good stuff might be harder to find, given that the sheer amount of anime being produced has sharply increased since ‘the good old days’. I’m not trying to argue that anime now is so much better than it was in the 90s was or anything like that, but what I am saying is that I think viewers are far less patient and far more critical than they used to be.



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