My Top 5 Worst Anime of All Time

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A while back, I posted a list of my top 20 anime of all time. Then a Certain Someone suggested I do a list of my top 20 anime shows I disliked the most. I saw two problems with this: the first being that I’m just not that much of a masochist, and the second that, as Peter from Too Old for Anime pointed out, it’s not really possible to fully judge an anime that hasn’t been watched all the way through – and let’s be honest, patience isn’t my strong suit, so there are a great many titles that I’ve dropped from boredom and/or disgust after only an episode or two.

Know what miraculously solves both these problems? Scraping together a top 5 list instead.

Despite the somewhat misleading title of this article, I’m making no claims about the below anime being the worst of all time. They’re clearly not, as I haven’t stuck with any anime series all the way through that I’ve truly disrespected or hated that much. They’re simply shows that, for whatever reason, I happen to have watched every single episode of and then decided were utter crap. I’m discounting OVAs and specials, as most of these require comparatively very little time to sit through.

5. Princess Princess

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Generally speaking, gender bending as a major plot point in anime doesn’t work for me – particularly males cross-dressing as females. There are certainly titles where this is done realistically and sensitively (Hourou Musuko), and when it’s used to say something genuinely interesting and thought-provokingly about its characters (Kuragehime), but Princess Princess depicts about the most idiotic excuse for cross-dressing I’ve ever seen: three boys dressing up as girls in order to carry on the time-honoured tradition of breaking up the monotony of daily life at their all-male school. These ‘princesses’ are always first-year students who are popular, pretty, and as yet physically undeveloped so that they can more convincingly wear dresses at morning meetings and school events. Oh yeah – and students who are elected for this position are unable to refuse (but don’t worry, they get paid for it)! Yup, it’s about as respectful and fascinating as it sounds. Essentially, Princess Princess is a comedy-drama where the jokes don’t work and nothing ever really happens – a flimsy excuse for three bishounen (each with a different hair colour, of course) to be dressed up in maid, nurse, and lolita outfits without actually having to engage in any kind of meaningful (or even entertaining) storytelling.

4. Galilei Donna

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While Galilei Donna is ostensibly less offensive than Princess Princess, it gets an even worse ranking from me because while I can’t imagine the latter title is making any kind of serious attempt to be good, Galilei Donna comes across as though it actually thinks it is. Hoo boy. Now to give credit where credit is due, the anime takes one or two episodes before revealing its complete and utter incompetence in instigating a plot that makes one lick of sense – the admittedly nice artwork no doubt fools a few people for a little while there. But don’t worry, even if the story eventually spirals into an almost laughable place of no return what with its evil corporations, sky pirates, time travel, and magical goldfish (not to mention one hell of an awkward romance), our originally-named characters are sure to appeal to the most discerning of viewers. Hozuki of course gets the most screen-time because she’s the perky genius loli of the outfit. Middle sister Kazuki is the ‘cool’ one whose outright bitchiness is only a mask for how deeply sensitive she is, probably. But if neither of these girls do it for you then there’s still Hazuki, a college student studying to be a lawyer. She’d probably have more success if she didn’t drink/sleep all the time, but meh, minor details. Billed as a sci-fi action/adventure, Galilei Donna is so nonsensical that I can’t even view it as unintentional comedy.

3. Strawberry Panic

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I’ve never been a major fan of the yuri anime genre – too soap-opera for my tastes – but I can still think of plenty of titles off the top of my head that treat lesbianism with more realism and originality than this. Alright, so maybe that’s a ridiculous thing to say, since every yuri anime I’ve seen treats lesbianism with more realism and originality than this. Strawberry Panic is what Maria-sama ga Miteru would be if the latter had zero subtlety and way more cleavage; it’s one almost parody-like cliché after another, while random outbreaks of fanservice give it just that extra bit of trashiness. Think of Strawberry Panic as the definitive Mills & Boon of yuri anime – melodramatic, predicable, and cheap as it gets. If you desperately want to watch girls quite literally swooning over their goddess-like peers, or endearing crushes playing out like obsessive stalker sub-plots, or ‘princes’ saving the day on pure-white horses while hordes of minor characters squee like banshees in the background, then this is the show for you. Otherwise, you could always go try a yuri series that doesn’t feel like an insult to your intelligence with every episode.

2. Orphen Revenge

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I’m not entirely sure how anyone thought that they could spin a decent story out of 23 episodes and a poor excuse for a sequel, but clearly someone decided to take a swing at it. Unfortunately, and completely unsurprisingly, it didn’t work; Revenge is poorly written, badly animated, strewn with dull filler, and liberally sprinkled with comedy moments that utterly miss their mark. Luckily, the ever-exciting battle monologues might distract you from some of this, while Horton and Balkan, nobody’s favourite characters from the first season, get more screen time than ever so as to liven things up even more with their apparently hilarious antics. Meanwhile, Cleao really breaks out of her whiny rich-girl stereotype to grow into her intriguing role as Main Love Interest, and Majic totally comes into his own as a bit of a ladies’ man. You know, fantasy at its finest. I recommend this series to anyone looking for the most pointless ‘revenge’ story they’ve ever seen, or else to anyone who has the sudden urge to waste about 8 hours of their life.

1. Meine Liebe

68. picture6

I never made it through the second season of Meine Liebe, but I did finish the first. Looking back, I’ve no idea how, as this is one of the dullest anime I’ve ever seen. Meine Liebe is based on a series of dating sims, and so while I can’t say that I went in expecting the most engaging of plotlines, I did at least expect to at least be mildly entertained. Unfortunately, that’s exactly where Meine Liebe falls flat on its face. For a title with a cast chock-full of bishounen as the main attraction, this in an incredibly dialogue-heavy show, and one that takes itself entirely too seriously at that. If you think you’d like a reverse-harem that for once isn’t also a comedy, think again because this is seemingly the result; a stuffy pseudo-European setting that tries for political intrigue and instead delivers lashings of inner angst with a big helping of stiff drama and a side-dish of misogyny. The story is about as coldly flat yet oddly pompous as most of its characters, who feel remarkably similar to expressionless cardboard cutouts with entitlement issues. While the character designs may well appeal to some viewers (manga artist Yuki Kaori, best known for Count Cain and Angel Sanctuary, has a very distinctive art style), it’s just not enough to distract from any of Meine Liebe’s myriad of shortcomings. Long story short, it’s a snoozefest from beginning to end.

Question of the post: What’s the worst anime TV series you’ve watched all the way through, and what made you decide to tough it out?

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58 thoughts on “My Top 5 Worst Anime of All Time

  1. Meine Liebe is kinda hilariously awkward adaptation of a otoge but they decided to remove all the women in the story.

    Yes, I admit I only looked at it because I liked Yuki Kaori’s manga series.


    1. That was why I ended up watching the series as well. There’s just something really stylish – if vaguely unsettling – about Yuki’s particular style. I don’t think it works well here, though.


  2. Man, hands down it’s Mirage of Blaze. It’s everything I should’ve liked in a guilty pleasure anime: pretty people having supernatural smackdowns with vague intimations of a sad lovelorn bodyguard and a lead that had a lot of potential in the at-odds personalities of his past and present self.
    What I actually got was inconsistent art design, lighting so dark it was often near impossible to tell what was going on, too many characters spouting bullshit exposition that I didn’t care about (and that is poorly handled even if you’ve got more than a basic familiarity with the historical figures being cribbed from…which the show damn well expects you to), a lack of in-depth focus on its leads coupled with poor pacing and a pretty frank disinterest in the central relationship it must’ve known its audience was there for. And then, after 12 episodes of trainwreck it followed itself up with an OVA that trashed the one thing it managed to avoid in the series proper – the good ol’ BL stomping on consent.
    It’s like the horrible, evil twin of Descendants of Darkness, totally lacking in any entertainment value whatsoever.


    1. Haha, that really is an awful series, even though, like you, it should have been something I was all over. I would have included it on this list, but I never did make it past the first couple of episodes. But yes – wholeheartedly agree with you there.


  3. Strawberry Panic is what Maria-sama ga Miteru would be if the latter had zero subtlety and way more cleavage

    I flinched when I read that, beautiful turn of phrase there.

    In terms of “worst that I’ve seen all of”, probably Evangelion and GLASSLIP ATM. Evangelion I’m blaming on youth, GLASSLIP on morbid curiosity.


    1. Thanks… I think? 😉

      I really, really like Evangelion (the TV series, that is), but I don’t particularly mind that many people don’t. It’s a very polarising show. It’s interesting to wonder what I’d think about it if I watched it for the first time now as opposed to in my teens, though. As for Glasslip, I haven’t seen even an episode of it, but I have no intention of doing so. All signs point to me simply finding it a dull slog – and, as we’ve already ascertained, patience is definitely not one of my virtues.


      1. Definitely intended as a compliment. A beautifully written sentence that sums up everything I need to know about Strawberry Panic in a single line.

        As a burn on Strawberry Panic it possibly rivals the classic review (and DEFINITELY showing my age here) of Bubblegum Crash: “And it DID, didn’t it.”


        1. You know, I’ve never gotten around to watching Bubblegum Crash. I probably should at some point, if only to have a vague basis for comparison with Bubblegum Crisis. (Then again… don’t want to completely ruin the nostalgia, so maybe not.)


          1. To be fair: Under another name Bubblegum Crash would have gone down as an OK midrange OAV series. Not great, nothing to rant about.

            As a labelled, branded, sequel to Bubblegum Crash…

            Oh dear.


  4. I generally don’t finish “bad” anime, but Fate Stay Night was very rough and Shuffle was indulgently silly, but had a little too much stupidity to be completely enjoyable. And the last arc of Death Note was pathetic.


    1. I haven’t watched every episode of either of those shows, but I can see what you’re getting at with both. As for Death Note… yeah, pretty bad final arc. Still, I enjoyed the rest of the show enough that despite the letdown, it still made it onto my top 20 list.


  5. My top 5 least favourite anime are:
    5. Little Busters
    4. Clannad
    3. Little Busters
    2. Clannad
    1. Little Busters.

    Both times I watched them because their second seasons were supposedly good. Clannad’s actually was! Little Busters… well, not really, but it was better than the first season at least.

    I thought Tsukihime and Robotics;Notes were pretty darn boring as well. I kept thinking something was going to happen, but haha NOPE.

    I am very grateful that I haven’t completed any of the series on this list. I watched a few episodes of Galilei Donna, but that’s it.


    1. XD

      I saw a couple of episodes of Clannad before promptly dropping it (the second season being supposedly good doesn’t interest me if I can’t even get through the first one), and I haven’t seen any of Little Busters. Like you, Tsukihime largely bored me (what little I saw of it, anyway), and again, I haven’t watched anything of Robotics;Notes. I was thinking of getting round to that last one at some point, but in light of your comment I might reconsider.


      1. Clannad After Story is the greatest anime of all time. I fail to see how you can hate the beautiful art, amazing story, and heartwarming characters. Why?! Calling Clannad one of the worst anime of all time is like saying Boku no Pico (which I am surprised isn’t on this list) is the best. Clannad is right up there with the first part of Death Note, Code Geass, FMA brotherhood, Steins;Gate, and many more I didn’t mention. Clannad was a masterpiece. Many people did not like the first clannad, but Fuko was so cute, and the characters (except Sunohara) were worth returning to. I have seen probably over 40 different anime, and this one was right up there in my favorites.


        1. If you think Clannad After Story is the greatest anime of all time then good for you. Truly, I’m happy you like it so much – it’s really not my thing, but I’m not about to critisise someone for their personal tastes. I personally disliked the art, the story, and the characters, but that’s okay too.


  6. Worst anime that I’ve watched all the way through?

    I’d say the second half of Sword Art Online; with an honorable mention for Ouran Host High School Club.

    Ouran Host High School Club placed a bunch of one-trait characters and their catch phrases on a wheel, and just spun that wheel for the audience each episode. Sure the setting moved around, but nothing ever really changed.

    “Predictable” is one of the most mis-utilized critiques for stories, but it applies properly here.

    Foresight of a story’s resolution is fine. Seeing through the plot is fine.

    However, when I can play out in my head: details such as word choice, emotional connotations, character growth changes… and then it happens right in front of me over the next ten to fifteen minutes… then I know I’m watching Story-by-Formula and the formula for Ouran Host High School Club was exceedingly shallow and easy to identify.

    Sword Art Online, second half, bored me for the same reasons, but so much worse. This one was outright painful to watch through; and any credit the author established by the first half was thoroughly destroyed by the end.

    The author could have told the story of recovery: all these people had to destroy their definitions of reality, replace it with the world of Sword Art Online, and now suddenly they’re forced back into the reality they discarded? From being powerful to suffering heavily from atrophy? That’s not something you brush off with an exercise bike.

    The author created a literary playground: Already defined and established characters and an obvious direction for the story? The author created the perfect set-up for endless character introspection, interaction, and metaphysical intrigue…

    Instead it’s just… awful…


    1. I’m actually a big fan of Ouran (though I haven’t read the manga, so I can only go by the anime series). That said, I am (or at least was) the target audience for it – so even if I accept that it’s nothing more than a shallow vehicle for one-trait characters and their catch-phrases (… which I don’t think I do, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish), I personally still find it plenty amusing.

      I also thoroughly enjoyed the first season of Sword Art Online. I won’t argue it’s terribleness though; the second half is every bit as god-awful as most critics have pointed out. Objectively, I have precious little to praise the overall show for. On a personal level however, it was a really fun ride. I can’t defend the series from any intelligent standpoint, but there you go. Blame it on bad taste if you like – I honestly won’t mind.


      1. Sorry, I realized my comment’s tone was way too negative, offensive, and attacking. I’m usually good at offering dissenting opinions more respectfully.

        I did not consider that I might lie outside the target audience. That is a good point. I definitely went in on the genre word “Shoujo” and not “Comedy”. I sought more centralization on character focus, more character development, and something akin to a romantic relationship.

        I feel the show desperately lacked a focus; something to emotionally connect me to the characters.

        If I had to summarize my disfavor into a single entity: I’d point to Renge Houshakuji’s character and her repeated interludes through each show.

        SAO 1st half was cool, and I agree it did nothing particularly novel: some nice detail about the growing acclimation of a fantasy into reality; but a lot of stuff missed, mostly because the genre was still primarily action.

        Much like how Clannad decided to take previously established characters and jump genres, I thought SAO was setting up for the same: a move from something enjoyable but simple toward something heartfelt and relate-able.


        1. No need to apologise – I wasn’t offended, and I didn’t feel as though I was personally being attacked. Opinions on anime themselves, regardless of how negative, are welcome here. 🙂


  7. In defense of “Strawberry Panic” it is the ONLY yuri anime that you can rent from Netflix. It had its moments, but it also had its holes. There was a pretty good opening theme song. The series was notable, but has now faded into anime history.


    1. I… don’t think that really counts as any kind of defense, but sure, why not. To be honest, I don’t actually remember the theme song at all – I’ll take your word for it.


      1. I once made a mix CD of anime theme songs to play for a long commute, which included the song.

        I probably liked SP more than you. Maybe there could be another category for these anime lists called “The opening theme song was better than the anime”. I’m voting for “Air” which had an incredibly beautiful opening song, but I could not follow the series.


  8. Well, the worst I actually finished was Photon: The Idiot Adventure (I think that was the full title), but it was only a 6 episode OVA and I was renting the DVD anyway, so I can’t say much–plus, for as terrible as it was, I found some of the intended humor funny enough to keep watching. Rather than production qualities, I guess it was that the rest of the humor just didn’t do it for me, and even now I cringe to remember some of the gags.

    Although I found things to appreciate throughout (like how–surprise!–there actually was some kind of connected plot), I could say the same for Excel Saga. I look back on it now and wonder why I watched it all–even when I decided I was too disgusted to finish the last episode, I still wound up watching it on fastforward just to satisfy morbid curiousity.

    Otherwise, like you, for every other “terrible” anime I watched, I was too bored to finish! ^^;


  9. Oh, wait, I’ve got it—Jubei II!

    I *loved* the first season of Jubei-chan, and I can rewatch it again and again and still love it. It will probably always be one of my favorites. However, I usually just choose to ignore that the sequel ever even existed. The first season stood alone just fine, but then they unnaturally extended its life and took what was a series with a consistent and engaging plot that was paced by its comedic timing, and turned it into a drama that had jokes forced into it, and a plot that was trying waaaay too hard to fit with the original but somehow come off “cool”. Nice production qualities, sure, but no. NO. NO NO NO NO NO this is NOT Jubei-chan and I do NOT appreciate this plot or forced friendship/sob-story/drama.

    I suppose the one joke that made it all worth it was Shiro, who had been pushed into a comic relief position, having to preface a serious moment by saying, “I may not look like it, but I was a major character in Season 1.”


  10. You beat me to the “shows I watched all the way through and then wondered why” post, though the thought of putting one together makes my vision go grey.

    Galelei Donna is the only one on your list that I’ve also watched, and I would have considered it for my own list. It approached the plateau of awfulness that “Allison to Lillia” did. AtL was a show many bloggers kept watching just to see if it could possibly get even worse, and it did (I dropped it midway through and read the blog posts after that. Far more entertaining). What makes GD worse was the often lovely art and animation, and the idea that they were really trying to make an entertaining show for young girls.

    I don’t recognize a couple of the shows on your list, but I’ve always been tempted to try Strawberry Panic, just for the title. Frankly your line “Strawberry Panic is what Maria-sama ga Miteru would be if the latter had zero subtlety and way more cleavage” kind of gets me interested.


    1. I’d definitely be curious to see what your own worst anime list might contain. If you can ever bring yourself to write such a post, I’ll be reading avidly.

      I haven’t seen any of Allison to Lillia, but your comment suddenly puts me in mind of Diabolik Lovers. I never did manage to finish the show – it was just too awful – but one of the bloggers I follow did a satirical write-up of each episode, which was one of the most glorious (and hilarious) series of blog posts I’ve ever read.


  11. when I saw Princess Princess on this list I gasped, as it is on my to-watch list, but then I read the description and calmed down. You dislike it for the same reasons I want to watch it: I really like crossdressing, traps and reverse-traps. I do get that it might be shit regardless, but good to know it delivers what I want from it 🙂
    Hoo boy, Galilei Donna is one of the worst series I ever watched to the end, ever. I even made a countdown of 13 ways how to fuck up a really promising animu like this one – the first episode and the opening were bretty gud, what the hell happened?! Some people claim that it was planned as two-cour and then cut to only one, but I think that some of its problems wouldn’t be resolved even then. I really liked the hippie Jesus dad and the sky pirate Kamiyan, they were too good for this awful animu :<
    Orphen Revenge sounds awful, but was the first one any good? I really like the art, I am planning to buy two artbooks from this soon and I am going to enjoy them regardless, but I have to ask. Is the main series watchable?
    Never watched Meine Liebe as well, but yeah, pretty much almost every single reverse harem anime is shit. Ouran is not shit because it's a parody, and, surprisingly, Kamigami no Asobi was enjoyable as well. But they're just exceptions.
    As for my worsts, I tend to either enjoy their silly parts (I liked the action in Coppelion, for example), or drop immediately. I don't use the three episodes rule since once I tried a few series blindly and ended up suffering through too much of Kagihime Monogatari and Kage Kara Mamoru. But I did promise my readers a review of Nobunaga the Fool and I am still struggling with it, so it will probably be the worst series of all time I watched to the end, since Galilei Donna was at least much shorter.


    1. Yeah, Galilei Donna is such a disappointment – the OP, along with the first episode or so, show a lot of promise, and it was sad to see that squandered so badly.

      I really enjoyed the first Orphen series. I don’t know if I’d call it ‘good’, but at the very least it’s much, much better than the sequel. There’s an actual plot that works well, and very little to no filler for a start.

      Yes, unfortunately reverse harems don’t turn out incredibly well all that often. Like you, I love Ouran, and I also enjoyed Kamigami no Asobi, mostly for its sheer silliness. It knows its silly and totally plays up to that. This season’s Akatsuki no Yona is another reverse-harem that’s been surprisingly decent so far.


      1. I think that Akatsuki no Yona is not awful because it is not an otome adaptation, but is based on a shoujo manga. The same as Ouran. Looks like the awful reverse harems are actually awful videogame adaptations, and game adaptations are so bad that if you find even a decent one, it is worth mentioning.

        I don’t care if Orphen is “objectively” good, I care about your opinion specifically. If you enjoyed it, that’s enough for me to be interested. Of course I might still not like it as much, but, well, I wouldn’t be reading your blog if I didn’t care about your taste and opinions.


        1. That’s a good point. Not that I think anime that are based on games, reverse-harem or otherwise, necessarily have to be awful, but… yeah, they often are.

          Then simply put, yes I did. I haven’t watched Orphen for a while – it was actually one of the first anime shows I ever watched/bought on DVD – but I had a lot of fun with it, and think I still would now.


      2. I have a soft spot for Honey-senpai, and the light comedy of Ouran. It was funny, entertaining, and the art was mildly good. It also didn’t have a story line, so it didn’t require much time, like usual. Usually, when I watch anime, I set out like a 3 hour binge for it. Ouran didn’t require that, and it was still very entertaining.


  12. Can’t think of any worst ones, although I recall a few that never fully explain their mysteries and lore, especially those vital to fully understanding the story. Valvrave and Captain Earth was quite guilty of this.

    Galilei Donna: Galilei’s director stated in an interview that the plot was a very summarized version of the full story they wanted to present. Galilei was initially scheduled to run for 20+ episodes, and the entire story was fully planned for that extent.
    However, their producers reduced the schedule at the last minute, leaving only 11 episodes for the team to work with, and the team had to cut down the entire story to fit the new length.
    Some people think a 20+ run would have allowed for both character and plot development to have been fleshed out better. What do you personally think?


    1. I never ended up watching Valvrave at all, although I did watch several episodes of Captain Earth before eventually admitting defeat and dropping it. While Captain Earth is far from the worst anime I’ve dropped, it’s probably one of the most disappointing. I expected far better, and I think it was capable of giving it – and unfortunately, it just never did.

      That’s interesting about Galilei Donna. I didn’t know that, although I can’t say I’m too shocked at hearing the info. Such is life in the anime industry. I’m sure a 20+ episode run would have allowed for better character development as well as plot coherency, but that’s really not saying much – it’s not as though either could be much worse. While I fully accept that Galilei Donna may not have been as terrible with the run time it had been initially planned for, I’m not sure that serves as a decent excuse. I don’t believe the characters were ever given the necessary set-up to come across as anything more than one-dimensional, and there’s a heck of a lot more wrong with the story that simply being rushed.


      1. True, true on Galilei.

        Captain did have some good points though. For a 20+ ep show, production quality was very consistent, and there was little to no bad animation moments. The team put a lot of love into production, although I hear the plot was hampered by creator Enokido Yoji’s historical love for putting in obtuse, unexplained moments in his stories, and leaving things open for audience interpretation.

        And, the character designs were done by porn manga artist Fumi Minato. Very nice art, in the images section. But their works can be very…sexual, just to warn you.


        1. Oh, it definitely has its good points. The anime looks and sounds great – the animation is wonderful and I flat out adore the first OP. I even quite like some of the characters, it’s just a shame that the writing lets everything else down so horribly.


  13. I’m no anime expert, but I thought your title was reasonable. “‘My’ Top 5 Worst Anime” does a good job of suggesting that it’s just your personal taste and not an assertion of objective fact. And this list was entertaining to read overall! I usually just stick with Ghost in the Shell and the occasional Cowboy Bebop, so I don’t know much about anime. I have friends who watch bad shows together all the time, and listening to their ~talk~ about them is at least as morbidly fascinating as the shows themselves must be.

    ~[hugs]~ It’s great to hear from you again! =) Thank you so much for liking my Big Hero 6 review, friend! I loved the movie and would definitely recommend this for superhero fans and for young families!


    1. Haha, I know what you mean about being morbidly fascinated when it comes to discussions about terrible shows. I’ll admit that I’ve watched a couple of episodes of certain anime titles purely because I heard/saw some beautifully worded negative comments and wanted to know more. And bonding with friends over hilariously bad anime is of course a time-honoured tradition. XD


      1. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that were a large part of the reason behind Twilight’s popularity. I’ve read and seen much worse, and I know there are a lot of people who legitimately like it, but I would also guess that there were a lot of people who read the books or saw the movies just to see what all the negative fuss was about. Are you doing well? =)


        1. That’s a good point.

          I’ve been keeping pretty busy and it hasn’t been a particularly easy last couple of months, but I’m doing well enough. 🙂 How about yourself?


          1. Thanks for agreeing. 🙂 I’m mostly looking for work and finding new ways to occupy myself until I can go see extended family in a much bigger city over Thanksgiving. I’ve been doing Gundam models, and while those can be sometimes frustrating, the end results are just so much fun to look at and at least for me have definitely been worth all the work. If you like, I will be happy to hope and pray that things get better for you!


            1. I’m not religiously-minded, but you’re prayers would be welcome if you want to say them. I may not believe in God, but I do believe in the power of positivity. 🙂


  14. I think it will be tough for me to suddenly say which is anime is worst (or one of the worst) for me as well, lol. At the very worst, anime I watched are mediocre, but not enough to label a “worst” status. At the moment, probably, Glasslip. At some point, I was just forcing myself to watch all of them, since I was already halfway through, and it was ongoing. Good music still, nonetheless, lol.


    1. Yeah, the problem with labelling any anime “the worst” is that if it’s honestly that bad, I probably won’t watch much of it – and it’s often easy to tell just from the synopsis of something if it’s bad to begin with, in which case I likely won’t even see a single episode.


    1. I still haven’t seen that, but I’ve been meaning to for the longest time, just out of curiosity. The trailer didn’t make it seem all that bad though.



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