More, Please!: 5 Anime in Need of a Second Season

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Let’s be real – there are numerous anime titles out there that deserve a second season, so many that I couldn’t possibly list them all. Sometimes there just isn’t enough of a mainstream fanbase to secure a second season, no matter how great the anime. Sometimes the fanbase is there, but exists chiefly overseas rather than in Japan where it usually counts the most. Sometimes there simply isn’t enough money to meet production costs, no matter the wishes of the creators. Whatever the reason, viewers are often left unsatisfied and thirsty for more – particularly when the ending to an anime doesn’t really seem to be an ending at all, but instead an indefinite (and frequently permanent) hiatus.

Unfortunately, there’s very little fans can do about this other than reach for solidarity. On that note, here are my own top 5 anime for which I’d most love to see a second season. Feel free to commiserate with me in the comments and/or nominate your own top picks, regardless of how likely they are to ever see the light of day.

5. Tonari no Kaibutusu-kun/My Little Monster
Number of episodes: 13 + 1 OVA
Chance of second season: Hopeless

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There are very few anime romantic comedies out there, whether they’re aimed at the male or female demographic, that I’ve been able to fully get behind. Most often they’re mired in tired clichés and stereotypes, with humour that relies on the slapstick and/or on antics that would most certainly be classified as sexually abusive in the real world. Tonari no Kaibatsu-kun is one of those rare exceptions for me, where a) I actually like the majority of the characters and b) I actually laugh out loud nearly every episode, even on a re-watch. While not a particularly unique story in and of itself, the series is everything I look for in a decent romcom, with a quirky, non-archetypical cast and a vibrant atmosphere. Regrettably, the show ends with nothing in the way of a solid conclusion to anything, largely feeling like it’s halfway through a two-cour title, and there’s no new material to draw on since the manga finished its run back in 2013. That said, I’d say the OVA (despite basically being just an extra gag episode) is worth the watch for comedy’s sake alone; something that strikes me as a huge rarity.

4. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar/Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
Number of episodes: 12 + 1 OVA
Chance of second season: Vaguely Possible

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The gorgeous artwork alone in Grimgar would have almost been enough to make me stick around, but against all the odds, it has a compelling narrative as well, and a cast that shines despite everything that could have gone drastically wrong with such a premise. The fanservice is irritating background noise but not a deal-breaker, and while not exceptionally popular with Japanese fans (possibly because of what I like to call a hardcore slice-of-life focus rather than being an action/adventure-style show), that’s exactly what endears it to me so much in the first place. Unfortunately, it’s that very focus which probably counts most against Grimgar getting a second season, despite several compelling mysteries remaining unsolved. All hope is not completely lost, however; the original light novels are still ongoing, and it hasn’t been too long since the anime was released for people to have completely forgotten about it. In all, I think there’s at least some chance, however slight, of Grimgar returning to pick up where it left off at some point.

3. Gangsta
Number of episodes: 12
Chance of second season: Highly Doubtful

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A lot of people were sorely disappointed by Gangsta – not because it’s a bad show, but because it starts off so promisingly and yet viewers are let down so spectacularly by not only the complete lack of ending, but also the dramatic decline in narrative quality over the last handful of episodes. For all that, I’d still love to see a second season; it has an atmosphere that’s dark and gritty without seeming like it’s trying too hard to be cool, dark, or ‘edgy’; both the main leads are extremely unique and unexpectedly likable; and the story has a surprising amount of subtlety to it. Sadly, the studio behind the show filed for bankruptcy during its run, hence Gangsta’s rushed and untimely conclusion. That said, I think it’s very unlikely, yet not entirely impossible, for the series to eventually see a revival of some kind. It’s not as though plenty of anime titles haven’t passed between studios before (Fate/stay night, Log Horizon, Natsume Yuujinchou, Spice and Wolf, and Durarara, to name just a few), and the ongoing manga has gained decent popularity among both Japanese and English readers.

2. Akatsuki no Yona/Yona of the Dawn
Number of episodes: 24 + 3 OVAs
Chance of second season: Somewhat Probable

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For all it looks in many respects like a stereotypical reverse-harem show at first glance, Akatsuki no Yona has some real depth to it. In particular, Yona’s gradual and surprisingly realistic character development, from spoiled and ignorant princess to resilient and determined… well, freedom fighter basically, really makes the series for me. Yes, there’s some romance, and no, the series isn’t totally devoid of related cringe-worthy moments. Even so, having a female lead in a relatively serious action/adventure fantasy show, especially one not subjected to repeated bouts of fanservice, is fantastic in and of itself, to say nothing of some of the genuinely moving backstories of the other cast members. In short, I’d say Akatsuki no Yona is far from the melodramatic and romance-centric title that many probably assume it to be. The anime ends without resolving any of the overarching story, but given that the manga is still ongoing and has a pretty solid fanbase both in and outside Japan, I think there’s an equally solid chance of it getting a second season… eventually. In the meantime, the OVAs, particularly the third one, is well worth a look.

1. Kuragehime/Princess Jellyfish
Number of episodes: 11
Chance of second season: Dubious

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I honestly can’t think of any anime more deserving of a second season than Kuragehime; it’s not only sweet as well as funny, but also a lot deeper and more down-to-earth than I had assumed it would be going by the synopsis. All the characters are very loveable in their own way, and are also fully-realised individuals rather than simply an excuse for romance fodder. However, I have a particular love for Kuranosuke – quite possibly still the only male anime character in existence who regularly (and non-comedically) cross-dresses for reasons that have little to do with gender identity or sexual orientation. His older brother, surprisingly, also makes for an extremely interesting and likeable cast member. Sadly, I don’t really expect a season two of Kuragehime at any point. The manga is ongoing and has been quite well-received by Japanese as well as English speakers, but the progress of release is fairly slow and the anime is now over seven years old. It’s by no means impossible, but I’m certainly not holding my breath on this one.

Question of the post: No matter how farfetched the possibility, what unfinished anime series would you most like to see picked up again for a second season?

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31 thoughts on “More, Please!: 5 Anime in Need of a Second Season

  1. It did get a second season so slap my hand if you need to, but I long for more Silver Spoon. I agree with you on Yona of the Dawn as well.

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      1. I know, there are some shows you just kind of have to give up on. That’s kind of what pushed me into reading light novels. I wanted to know what happened in Grimgar.


  2. I have to agree with pretty much everything on your list, particularly Kuragehime and Gangsta. Despite the lack of ending in Gangsta, I still think of it fondly and hope somewhere down the line the right studio will pick it up to continue the narrative.

    You also just reminded me I need to get to Grimgar, which I had backlogged when it first aired.


    1. Grimgar is by no means a perfect show, but it’s certainly quite unique in a couple of ways – and the background artwork really is to die for.


  3. I absolutely have never seen the above mentioned series but, I trust your opinion on them.

    Personally, a lot of series are still fairly ‘new’ so there is hope they might get second seasons, a few are ‘Hakata Tonkatsu Ramens’, ‘Citrus’ and ‘Alice to Zouroku’. Although, admittedly I simultaneously want and don’t want sequels for Hakata and Alice. I loved the originals of both to bits, and both wrapped up fairly well in my opinion. Unless the second season would top the original in storyline and execution… I would say no to them then.


  4. Gangsta manga recently got out of hiatus, it’s being published in my country and I’m excited for that 8th volume soon. Anime had a nice climate, though I didn’t watch it all – stopped just right before the production fell out and started reading the manga instead. Out of those you mentioned, I’d gladly accept more, even if only for the awesome voice cast.
    However, every time I get a second season of something I loved and never even hoped for more, I tend to indefinitely hold off watching it: I never got to watch Eccentric Family 2, Hoozuki 2, I didn’t even finish Jojo Stardust Crusaders. So I won’t fantasize about my fav anime getting more episodes, instead I’ll wish you all of them and then some 😀


    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! And please, no need to worry about how often you post. If it shows up in my feed, I read it, no matter how recent the last one by that person.

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  5. Those are great choices. I’d rank them by excitement:

    1. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun: I’d be most excited about this, because I feel what we have is unbalanced: Shizuku hasn’t got her story told to the extent that Haru has. Neither had their full story told, obviously, but they started with Haru, which makes sense since he’s the more obviously extravagant character. Shizuku’s story has been told in bits and pieces, here and there, but never faced full on. I expect that to come later, and I’d love the anime to go there. (Haven’t a clue about the manga.)

    I’d probably want a new director, though. Kaburaki Hiro did an outstanding job with this one, but the only sequel he ever directed was to Kimi ni Todoke and the difference in quality is so huge that during flashbacks I got sentimental for season one – while watching season 2. It might have been the story, but it’s also possible that Kaburaki is at his best when he has to work out something new. I wouldn’t know, though.

    2. Yona: I’ve been waiting, and I’ll keep waiting. I mean, we’ve only just gathered the party. The only thing that keeps this from taking the top spot is that the writing seems less tight and focussed, and there’s a long-running series danger here. No matter how much I like something, I tend to lose interest eventually. It actually nearly happened near the middle of season 1, but the second half of the second cour firmly brought me back.

    3. Kuragehime: Ooh, I loved it. It could easily have taken the top spot, but here I’m actually quite fine with where we stopped. A sequel is often also a risk; what if they mess it up? What if it runs its course? These vague fears notwithstanding, I’d be back for a second season no question asks, and it’s likely going to be one its season’s most anticipated shows.

    4. Gangsta: I’d watch it, certainly, but distance has mostly bred indifference. I loved the characters in season one, but I can’t remember much about the plot, so I’d probably have to re-watch season 1, or – more likely – read a summary to refresh my memory. Good show, though.

    5. Grimgar: They definitely need to develop their plot for this one. Problem is, I had problems with seasons 1. From what I’ve heard, I might not have the same problems with the novel, so maybe if someone else took over the project with a new slant on the material I might be interest. But then it mightn’t look so gorgeous (the visuals were my main draw for sticking with season 1 – one of the most beautiful shows of its season, IMO). Not sure I’d even watch a sequel. Probably, but then if the season has lots of different stuff…


    I’d love to see a second season of Crime Edge, though that’s not only unlikely, but might be financial suicide for Gokumi. They’re doing fine, I think, but not well enough for that. Thing is the series ended right when the first severe emotional side-effects of indulging your dark side hit, and they rushed to the finish with a few feel-good pictures, which didn’t work. They even had promo pics, teasing a second season near the end of the show. This makes me think it might be somebody’s pet project, so if Gokumi ever strikes it big (beyond Saki and Gochiusa), that might be the show’s last chance. A positive way to put it might be: not entirely impossible.

    Other than that, PA Works needs to finish Uchouten Kazuko (on my mind a lot these days, since I finally was able to purchase the DVDs – a great year for me, with Usagi Drop coming earlier this year, and which is probably the one show I love where I hope against a second season), and as long as I’m alive, I’ll probably be waiting for season 3 of Spice and Wolf (which left us just before a very interesting event).

    RisefromtheAshes mentions Alice to Zouroku, and I’d love a second season for that. There are hints that have been dropped throughout the show, that Zouroku’s backstory might be more important than season 1 let on, and I’m curious if I’m right.

    When a new season comes in, I’m generally more excited for new shows than sequels, so there’s that, too. I’m genrally only really excited about a sequel if I’m hoping for it to answer a specific question, or if it’s likely to contain content that the show made me anticipate. In some case, though, one season might not be enough, and if I fear that may be the case, I’d probably prefer no second season to having to wait for two (or more!) sequels.


    1. I admit, I wasn’t so enamoured with the second season of Uchouten Kazoku that I’m eagerly anticipating a third season. I’d definitely watch if there was one, because I adored the first season, but the sequel just didn’t have the same kind of emotional impact for me.

      I absolutely agree with you on what you’ve said about the Kimi no Todoke sequel. The first season was great – the second, unfortunately not so much. It’s something I’m always incredibly wary about when the director changes between seasons. I’d hope that if any of these titles did get a sequel, the staff would remain largely unchanged.


      1. The thing about Kimi ni Todoke, though, is that the director remained the same (incidently, the same director as Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, and also the same director as the first season of Hosuki, whose third season airs this season). Since this is, to my knowledge, the only sequel he’s ever done, I’m suspecting Kaburaki sensei might just not be interested in sequels.

        I agree with you, actually, about Uchouten Kazoku. But the second season is also far less able to stand on its own. I’d have been fine with UK as one season, but if the original plan holds (triology of novels), then going only 2/3 of the way feels more of a waste than going only 1/3 of the way. I just want to see it wrap up. The first season may just my favourite anime out of all I watched (it just hits all my sweet spots). The second season really isn’t up there, but it’s still very, very good, and some scenes (such as a conversation in front of a certain painting) are up there with the best of season one.


        1. I’d very eagerly watch a Moribito sequel too, although more because I liked the anime so much than the need to see a conclusion to events – I thought the anime wrapped everything up very nicely. It is such a fantastic show though, albeit sadly underrated.


  6. Arghh I agree with you on gangsta and yona of the dawn are ones I really want to see a second season for. Deadman wonderland is another I feel needs a continuation so many unexplored areas of the plot that left me in confusion. Great list. XD


    1. Thank you for reading, glad you enjoyed the list!

      I admit I never got into Deadman Wonderland. I wanted to, but it felt like it was trying too hard to ‘cool’ and ‘dark’ and ‘edgy’ for my tastes. I know the series had plenty of fans though. 🙂


  7. I wouldn’t mind S2 of Hataraku Maou-sama. There’s even plenty of source novels to adapt, it’s almost criminal!


    1. Ooh, that’s a good one! Although I guess at least that story had a satisfactory conclusion, even if it didn’t wrap up the overall, stuck-in-another-world story. Actually though, I’m a little surprised it /didn’t get a second season, given that there is so much available material from which to adapt and that the series seemed relatively popular when it was airing.


  8. I totally agree on #1 ! I wanted their background stories to be unfold throughout the anime but as I kept watching it I only saw parts and I still couldn’t understand it that much. I actually got nervous as I was getting to the finale because nothing really advanced. Finally,in the ending of EP. 13 ,it left me shocked that it was the end, I felt like nothing was resolved with any of the characters. For instance, why did haru not like his brother ? Was Natsume ever going to confront mi-chan ? Did they ever go on that picnic ???? Like it just left too many things unresolved !


    1. Yes, it was a real shame the story ended without any kind of conclusion, not just in terms of the main romance but also with pretty much everything else. I suspect that the creators were allotted just the standard 1 cour/13 episodes by production and had a second season in mind, but that the sales numbers just didn’t add up for them.



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