Real Neat Blog Award

A big thank you to Keiko over at Keiko’s Anime Blog for nominating me for this award! I haven’t done one of these in quite a while, so it made for a nice little writing break.

The rules:

– Display the logo
– Thank the blogger for the award
– Answer the questions from whoever nominated you
– Nominate 7-10 an arbitrary number of bloggers yourself
– Ask them 7 questions

Without further ado, here are Keiko’s questions to me:

1. What is one thing you want to achieve this year?

Find gainful employment. I’m leaving my current company at the end of March to hopefully head into a different industry altogether. Wish me luck.

 2. If you could become any creature what would it be?

A house cat. I know, unoriginal answer and all, but I’d truly like nothing more than to just lie around in the sun all day and occasionally get my hair fur stroked.

3. If you were a character what type of character would you be?

Ideally I’d be the angsty, brooding hero who eventually manages to overcome insurmountable obstacles in order to achieve my quest, but in all honesty, in any serious show I’d most likely be the one who gets killed off first. I do not have great survival skills. Alternatively, in a comedy or romance show I’m pretty sure I’d be the type to punch the protagonist in the face. Not in a tsundere way. They would probably be hospitalized.

4. What is the worst anime you’ve watched?

I’ve watched a huge number of first episodes that had me either falling asleep or that I found deeply offensive, but to make this answer a bit more interesting, I checked out my MAL to see what low-scoring shows I’d somehow managed to actually complete. The winner is apparently Vampire Holmes.

5. Do you prefer to read the source material or watch adaptations?

Anime has always been my preferred medium. I’m not a gamer at all, and while I have read a couple of manga series and light novels just to try them out, they didn’t do much for me. These days it’s strictly anime-only.

6. Do you skip openings/endings when watching anime? Why?

If I really like the OP/ED then I tend to watch them every episode, especially if I’m re-watching old classics like Cowboy Bebop where they feel like a genuine part of the whole viewing experience. But for anime that I watch weekly and don’t have any major love for (i.e. most of them), I usually skip past. The last weekly anime series that I remember religiously watching every OP/ED of was Yuri on Ice.

7. What is your favourite opening/ending from this season of anime?

While it’s a pretty good season for me so far in terms of actual content, I honestly don’t think the OP/ED game is particularly strong this time around. My favourite of the lot is probably the OP for Dororo.

My nominations (participation of course not mandatory):

Mistakes Cheerio for Chesto
Mage in a Barrel
The Afictionado
Gentlemanotaku’s Anime Circle
Pirates of the Burley Griffin
The Null Set

My questions to those people/blogs I nominated, should they choose to participate:

1. What’s the objectively best fantastical creature (any lore/franchise)?
2. What places have you lived previously and where are you living now (be as vague and/or detailed as you like)?
3. If you had one week and a thousand dollars or so to spare, where would you go on vacation?
4. What’s been the best decade for anime so far?
5. What original story has received the best anime adaptation to date?
6. About how much time a week do you dedicate to watching anime?
7. Are there any anime shows you’re embarrassed to have enjoyed?

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