In Case You Missed It (Winter Anime 2021)

I’ll likely be taking this post down in around a week or so, but given that I ended up watching the season premiere of a lot more anime than I have for probably at least the last year, if not longer (although granted, “a lot” for me these days really only means “more than about 5”), I thought I’d get a kind of masterlist up with links and scores for people’s general convenience.

There are also two sequel shows running that I didn’t write posts for at all (Yakusoku no Neverland and Non Non Biyori Nonstop), since I already have posts about these shows elsewhere on my blog for their previous seasons. However, for the sake of the winter roundup, I’ll include my scores for these titles based on the first episode of this current season here as well.

I’m no longer in the habit of writing follow-up posts for new anime I’m following (unless I’m inspired enough to write full reviews once the series has finished airing), but if anyone’s curious about how my scores fluctuate over the season, I do keep my MAL watchlist up to date.

Thanks everyone for reading, and I’ll probably catch you again sometime in February.

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