Anime Taste Testing: Platinum End

If Madoka Magica was a (bad) battle royale instead of magical-girl.

If you’re looking for the teenage edgelord anime of the season, Platinum End is probably it. It’s violent for the sake of being violent, fanservicey for the sake of being fanservicey, and both incredibly self-pitying and incredibly dumb at the same time. I don’t mean dumb in a fun, popcorny kind of way – I mean in a full-on, “we’re taking ourselves 100% seriously cos that’s what all the cool kids are into these days, right?” kind of way.

Moreover, everything feels extremely derivative. You’ve got your classic protagonist whose life is absolutely terrible (a la something like Magical Girl Site), and the audience is never allowed to forget it for more than a second, literally. If he’s not monologuing about how this is the case, we’re shown ridiculously on-the-nose flashback sequences of him being abused as a kid by cliché “kill the parents for the insurance money” evil siblings. Then you’ve got your Kyuubey-esque ‘angel’ who has no qualms whatsoever about death and destruction, and who actively encourages the protagonist to commit murder for the sake of his happiness by using his newly-granted powers. Finally, you’ve got a set amount of other people in this world with similar powers, all of whom are competing in a bloody battle to become this world’s god, which we’ve seen a hundred times before with shows like Mirai Nikki.

If Platinum End injected even an ounce of humor into the proceedings or didn’t take its own story with such grandiose self-importance, I think it could’ve been somewhat enjoyable. As it stands, its complete lack of nuance is ludicrous to the point of actually being offensive at times (case in point, the evil aunt/step-mom has dyed hair, lipstick, and dresses in some kind of revealing negligée – because ‘loose’ women, loose morals, amirite guys?). The show’s portrayal of depression and child abuse aren’t exactly subtle either, which should surprise absolutely no one.

All this is to say that Platinum End left a pretty bad taste in my mouth, and I honestly struggled to get through the whole episode. I can’t say I’d recommend this show to anyone, but if you do watch it, beware that it seems to be attempting to be provocative in the worst possible way.

Score: 3/10

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4 thoughts on “Anime Taste Testing: Platinum End

  1. I got through this episode easier than through, say, Magical Girl Site or even Darwin’s Game (that is I got through the episode; I didn’t for those other shows), but I can’t say I’m excited about the show. I’m sort of curious about a few things, so I’ll stick with it for now. I’ll drop the show, either when I get the full lay of the land, or when all the angst gets too much. I can’t see myself watching all of it.


    1. To be fair, Magical Girl Site is a veeeery low bar – I don’t believe I made it more than 10 minutes into that one, and it still makes me shudder to this day. I do remember making it through the first episode of Darwin’s Game at least, though no further than that. I’d say Platinum End is on more or less the same level as something like that for me. I also can’t help think that a lot of people are giving it a pass purely because of the names behind it. If this had been exactly the same show in every single way, just with a creation/production team who nobody knew much about, I’d hazard a guess that certain viewers would be far less forgiving.



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