3 thoughts on “Anime Taste Testing: Dolls’ Frontline, My Dress-Up Darling, and Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku

  1. I dropped Girls Frontline about 5 minutes in, because I was incredibly bored. I actually sort of enjoyed KanColle, but I could no longer say why; I barely remember the show. I’m never quite sure when military themed moe shows work for me and when not. KanColle? Ok. Girls und Panzer? Yay! Upotte! Ugh! This? Meh. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out, but I don’t care enough to rewatch all that.

    So far, Bisque Doll is my favourite premier. I didn’t even notice most of the fanservice (obviously I noticed it in that scene); I suppose when I enjoy a show my filter is still in tact. I feel casual fanservice is becoming more common again. Around 10 to 12 years ago I wouldn’t have blinked at a panty shot; they were pretty much anywhere. I noticed around 2020 when I was rewatching older shows (for about one episode, just to look back), how much of it there was, and how little of it I remember. My auto-filter has significantly weakened since then, but it was fully working for Bisque Doll. I wasn’t that fond of our main character’s skeevy grin when he thinks of dolls, but that’s not a deal breaker. I liked it, and it’s so far my fave show.

    I did notice the shots in Akebi’s Sailor Uniform, but the bathing scene felt more subdued than I’d have imagined. I suppose I can ignore the skeeve (which I have to if I’ll watch it, since my auto-filter doesn’t work here). I generally really like the art, though sometimes the underlying CGI dips into the uncanny valley, with the eyes being the worst offenders. I expected the show to feel more like a uniform fetish than it actually does, but it feels more like consercative morals/purity ideals than that. (There’ve been plenty of fetish shows, lately, say tights, so I guess that’s what I expected.) I tend to like the character interaction here, though. It feels fairly natural. I assume the Headmistress wants to bring back sailor uniforms and uses our protag for that? There are more sailor uniforms in the opening? I think I remember that. I’m afraid there’s some sort of traditionalism behind the show that’s not my thing, and it depends on how the show handles this if I can stick with it. (I can deal with the fanservice.)

    I’ll probably watch Bisque Doll and Sailor. I’ll definitely not watch Frontline.


    1. I’m just not into moe stuff at all these days (if I ever was), so while the more traditional fanservice of Dolls’ Frontline didn’t offend or bother me as such, I likewise found it incredibly dull and just… old and tired, mostly. It felt like the anime couldn’t even be bothered to try and deliver something fresh, even in its dumber moments.

      Bisque Doll easily stood out to me the most out of these three titles as well. Against my better judgement, I’m sticking around for a second episode, mostly because I’m curious about what the other main/side characters are going to be like. If I had to guess though, I doubt it’ll be something I can stick with for the whole season. For better or worse, I just can’t filter out the blatant fanservice – and it does strike me as something incredibly in-your-face, but hey, maybe that’s just me.

      I’m for sure dropping Sailor. Despite the fanservice not being as obvious, it seems somehow even more seedy to me, perhaps because it presents everything as innocent while all but dripping in fetishistic sexuality, and I honestly find that pretty darn skeevy when it comes to school kids. Where Bisque Doll feels more like something actually teenage-ish, Sailor definitely feels more like it’s targeting the older guys crowd, which is extremely offputting to me. (Both are based on seinen manga – it’s just that Sailor makes that the most obvious, at least to me.) Also, and this is totally an aside, but the idea that any school in Japan would allow one student to wear a different uniform that literally every other student out of a sense of nostalgia is completely laughable to me. This is a country that forces schoolgirls to dye their naturally brown hair black if they’re half-Japanese, so pretty sure they’re not about to give an entire outfit a pass.



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