Anime Taste Testing: Summer Time Render

Somehow underwhelming and overwhelming both at once.

So I get that this is a mystery/thriller and is therefore supposed to be taken seriously, but this episode oversold the dramatics to an almost comical degree. Every other line is delivered with a breathless gasp, every other camera shot is an extreme close-up of someone’s eyes widening – and when you try to constantly up the tension with no breaks between, there’s nearly zero shock value when something interesting actually does happen.

Coupled with the completely unnecessary fanservice (the episode is for some reason literally bookended by a pair of breasts, as well as a random panty shot somewhere in there for good measure), I gotta say I was pretty unimpressed by the overall tone and style of the show. The only thing I particularly liked was the colors – there’s a beautiful color palette going on here, and it’s a real shame that couldn’t stand out more given the numerous issues drowning that out.

Score: 5/10

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3 thoughts on “Anime Taste Testing: Summer Time Render

  1. Feels like throwback fanservice; haven’t seen that kind in a while (outside of deliberate throwback shows like Yu-No). Can’t say I’m too excited about this, but the premiere’s quality has been overshadowed by a strange sense of deja-vu. It’s as if I’ve seen the opening scene before (and I got that in bits and pieces surfacing all through the episode, but never with such clarity). It’s a new show, and to my knowledge not a reboot, so I have no idea what I’m confusing this with, or whether it’s just a genuine deja vu? It’s really weird.


    1. Yeah, the fanservice felt very 90s anime rom-com to me. Tenchi Muyo called, it wants its cleavage face-falls back. As for the rest of the show, I can’t say it reminded me strongly of any title in particular, although we’ve certainly seen plenty of the same themes and plot elements before.



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