Otaku Lounge began in 2013 and is for the most part an anime blog, although it occasionally focuses on other forms of Japanese general and pop culture such as music, film, food, fashion, and travel. Few posts are academic in nature, but rather aim to be easily understood and enjoyed by anime veterans and those newer to the medium alike. This blog also encourages open discussion from its readers – all comments (other than spam) are welcome.

The author of Otaku Lounge is Artemis, a New Zealander who lived and worked in rural Japan from 2012-2019. Having completed her doctoral thesis in 2012 on the topic of representations of sexuality in anime, she’s now taking this opportunity to be able to write more informally about her passion. Since 2015, she’s also been a contributor at The Glorio Blog.

For any questions about Otaku Lounge or its author, please refer first to the FAQ page.

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