Review: Yo-Jin-Bo

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Confession time: This is my first otome game. It’s also my first visual novel. Actually, in the interest of fully coming clean, this is probably the most recent video game I’ve played since Pokémon Platinum. Even in my childhood or teen years I was never much for gaming, so I don’t know anything about the medium other than the snippets I occasionally read online or stories I hear from friends. I’m therefore approaching Yo-Jin-Bo and other games of its ilk as more or less a total outsider, with scant prior knowledge and morbid curiosity as my main source of motivation. (Also I just thought it’d be fun to spice my Otaku Lounge reviews up a little by going for a game as opposed to an anime this time around.) Continue reading “Review: Yo-Jin-Bo”

5 Good Game-Based Anime

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After Otaku Lounge’s previous article on live-action films based on anime and manga, I thought it might be fun to take a different approach and discuss some anime based on video games. As I’m sure even the more casual anime fans out there are well aware, game-based anime has a fairly horrendous track record. This is putting it mildly – said record is such that even quite average shows like Persona 4: The Animation are lauded as being some the best game-based anime of all time. Any listing of particularly bad shows would be extremely long and probably rather tedious – although I will say that I can’t un-see Devil May Cry, no matter how often I bash my head against the wall in the hopes of developing memory loss. Continue reading “5 Good Game-Based Anime”