Anime Taste Testing: Summer 2017 (Part II)

On the last exciting episode of Anime Taste Testing, Dive!! was awful, Konbini Kareshi was boring, and Katsugeki Touken Ranbu still wasn’t the decent game-to-anime adaptation we all dreamed about finally getting. That still left a few titles on my weekly watch-list though, including the new addition of The Reflection. Read on to see my latest impressions for seven different shows and then feel free to either laud or laugh at my opinions in the comments. Continue reading “Anime Taste Testing: Summer 2017 (Part II)”

Anime Taste Testing: Summer 2017

There are a handful of new titles yet to be released, but given that the vast majority of these look like unmitigated trash (and not even the fun kind), I don’t mind putting this post out now.* Continue reading “Anime Taste Testing: Summer 2017”