Anime Taste Testing: Summer 2018 (Part Whatever)

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This season is now extremely light on quantity for me, having dropped Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes, Phantom in the Twilight, Grand Blue, Aguu, and Muhyo to Rouji after their premiere episodes. Luckily, I’ve found I have a surprising amount to say not only about of course Banana Fish, but also about Angolmois, Free!, and Tsukumogami Kashimasu. Rounding off the proceedings is Lupin III Part V, which I’ve also decided to check back in on. Read More

Anime Taste Testing: Banana Fish

I’m doing things a little differently with my Anime Taste Testing posts this season – or at least, this particular Anime Taste Testing post – because there really are so few titles this summer I have even the vaguest interest in watching. The vast majority of these didn’t debut this first week of releases either, whereas I usually split my Anime Taste Testing posts into two, with about five to ten titles for each one. What’s more, while I don’t often have a whole bunch to say about any given premiere episode, where I‘m normally satisfied with one or at most two brief paragraphs, Banana Fish actually left me with a lot of food for thought. I’m not yet sure whether I’ll write a single dedicated post for each title I watch this season, but I did feel that Banana Fish’s premiere gave me enough inspiration and incentive to write a whole post just about that. Read More