AAA2014: The Artemis Anime Awards

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That’s right, the AAA is back for an unprecedented two years running, and I’m all ready to dish out the only awards in the anime blogging circuit that really matter while simultaneously snubbing any titles that failed to live up to my own arbitrary expectations. Continue reading “AAA2014: The Artemis Anime Awards”

Anime Taste Testing: Winter 2015 (Part II)

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I don’t know that I buy into the idea of winter (or any one specific season for that matter) being traditionally the worst in terms of new anime releases, but what I can say with confidence is that as far as the sheer number of decent titles go, the line-up this winter is indeed pretty dire. Of the four shows I picked up at the beginning of the season, I’m heartily enjoying two of them, have now dropped one of them, and am continuing to watch the other mostly out of stubbornness. Continue reading “Anime Taste Testing: Winter 2015 (Part II)”

Anime Taste Testing: Winter 2015

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Is it just me, or is the amount of fanservice-laden anime about cutesy girls doing cutesy things particularly rampant this season? I don’t altogether mind – I welcome the chance to catch up on my somehow ever-increasing list of older titles – but it does certainly limit the number of winter shows on my watch-list. Continue reading “Anime Taste Testing: Winter 2015”