5 Male Anime Douchebags

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A while back on Otaku Lounge I wrote an article about my personal top five most hated female anime characters. In the interest of evening things out between the sexes a little, this article is a continuation of sorts, but with a slight difference ā€“ my top five male anime douchebags. Continue reading “5 Male Anime Douchebags”

5 Female Anime Characters Worth Hating

Making even Miaka seem less annoying by comparison.

About a month ago I made a blog post here on Otaku Lounge that discussed 5 of the worst anime Iā€™d seen in recent years. I decided it might be pretty fun to follow that up by writing another post in the same vein ā€“ only this time, about 5 of the worst anime characters. Continue reading “5 Female Anime Characters Worth Hating”