Anime Taste Testing: Listeners

So Liverpool and Manchester finally united, and then the apocalypse happened. Sounds about right. Read More

5 Truly Inspired English Anime Dubs

sailor moon usagi
There’s no question that there are some god-awful English anime dubs out there. It’s probably a fair assumption that most English-speaking anime fans have had their ears bleed at some point or other – the 90s and early 2000s in particular had a slew of especially bad dubs, from the oft-mentioned Sailor Moon and Cardcaptors to pretty much anything ever produced by 4Kids Entertainment. Read More

5 Bad Anime Sequels

82. picture1
It’s been an extremely generous past few seasons in terms of anime sequels. While some of them (Free!, Sword Art Online, Aldnoah.Zero) were entirely expected, the announcement of others (Mushishi, Durarara!!) came as pleasant surprises. To their credit, many of these sequels have been relatively well-received by the fan community, although there have also been a number of them, both recent and not-so-recent, that haven’t gone down nearly as well. There’s certainly plenty to choose from in this department, but I’ve attempted to restrain myself by going over only the five worst to have darkened my screen to date – counting down from bad to downright awful. Read More