Limited Edition Taste Testing: Fanta Nashi

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Early to mid-Autumn is a lovely season in Japan. The days are still deliciously warm, but the mornings and evenings are refreshingly cool with little humidity left over from the summer. It’s also when a lot of good pome fruit hits the supermarket shelves, including the Asian pear – a type of fruit native to China, Japan, and Korea. Also called nashi, they’re typically bigger and crisper than their Western counterparts, and due to their round shape look more like large apples than pears. Usually eaten raw and peeled, they’ve been cultivated in Japan since pre-historical times and tend to be a little rough on the outside but bursting with juice within. Continue reading “Limited Edition Taste Testing: Fanta Nashi”

Limited Edition Taste Testing: Fanta Grapefruit and Fanta Ume

Ahh, Japanese summer. The season where I frantically try to keep bugs out of my apartment and spend the majority of my time sweating like a pig. In fact, I really love summer even if I do rack up quite the aircon-induced electricity bill, and one of the reasons why is because of all the limited edition goodness that comes out when the weather heats up. For today’s Otaku Lounge I’ll be reviewing two such limited edition drinks, both released by Coca Cola Japan – Fanta Grapefruit and Fanta Ume. Continue reading “Limited Edition Taste Testing: Fanta Grapefruit and Fanta Ume”