My Top 5 Worst Anime of All Time

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A while back, I posted a list of my top 20 anime of all time. Then a Certain Someone suggested I do a list of my top 20 anime shows I disliked the most. I saw two problems with this: the first being that I’m just not that much of a masochist, and the second that, as Peter from Too Old for Anime pointed out, it’s not really possible to fully judge an anime that hasn’t been watched all the way through – and let’s be honest, patience isn’t my strong suit, so there are a great many titles that I’ve dropped from boredom and/or disgust after only an episode or two.

Know what miraculously solves both these problems? Scraping together a top 5 list instead. Continue reading “My Top 5 Worst Anime of All Time”

AAA2013: The Artemis Anime Awards

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Nope, this isn’t just a 3-month late post. I have a couple of reasons for doing this now as opposed to having done it back at the end of last year, and for once, procrastination isn’t one of them. Continue reading “AAA2013: The Artemis Anime Awards”

Anime Taste Testing: Fall 2013 (Part II)

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Fall is moving steadily on and I feel as though I’ve been dropping shows left, right and center. Maybe it’s because I’m getting fussier and more demanding in my tender age of 26, or maybe it’s just because I’ve been so busy in RL side over the past few weeks, but having already abandoned three anime titles from my original line-up back in my first fall taste testing post (Coppelion, Meganebu!, Diabolik Lovers), I’ve gone and dropped two more. Continue reading “Anime Taste Testing: Fall 2013 (Part II)”

Anime Taste Testing: Fall 2013

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Despite it still being unseasonably warm (or so all my co-workers and neighborhood obaachans tell me), the fall anime line-up is now well under way and so far looks to be extremely promising. Thankfully, the ‘cute girls doing cute things’ shows don’t seem to be as dominant this season, so I’m looking forward to shows that pack a little more punch this time around. Let’s take a quick look at those titles that piqued my curiosity, shall we? Continue reading “Anime Taste Testing: Fall 2013”