Popular Anime of 2015 I Didn’t Like

yuri kuma arashi
While I never do my annual anime wrap-up around this time (I save that for spring, since there tend to be less ongoing shows and because, at least in my head, it makes way more sense to count anime by season rather than by year), I thought it might be fun to talk about some of the most popular anime of 2015 that I couldn’t bring myself to like. Continue reading “Popular Anime of 2015 I Didn’t Like”

Anime Taste Testing: Spring 2015

arslan senki
The more I think about it, the more it seems fruitless and even slightly ridiculous to compare seasons. You can compare numbers, sure, but in terms of enjoyment, statistics mean absolutely nothing – and unless you’re telling me you tried out every single show of whichever two seasons you’re comparing, these numbers aren’t even accurate to begin with. You can try and compare the highs and/or lows too I suppose, but that’s not exactly what I’d call hard science, especially when you’re only a couple of weeks in. Continue reading “Anime Taste Testing: Spring 2015”