Anime: The Good, The Bad, and The Surprisingly Educational

lucky star chocolate cornet
There are a lot of important life lessons to be had from anime. Large breasts are immune to gravity. No matter how long you grow out your bangs, they will not impede your eyesight in the slightest. Never trust overly cute girls in wheelchairs. And perhaps most vital of all, the thin end of the chocolate cornet is the head. Read More

5 Hilariously Bad Anime

5. picture6
Because while I could write about some of the best anime out there, let’s be honest – hating on anime can be so much more fun. And to be fair, some of these anime can be quite fun to watch if a) you have a masochist streak a mile wide, b) you’re drunk and/or high, or c) you enjoy watching something that fails so hard it’s genuinely funny. I believe any of these could easily applied to the below anime. Because I want to keep things relatively current, I decided to narrow my top 5 selection down to televised anime that have been released within the last several years. Read More