Anime Taste Testing: Fall 2014 (Part II)

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It’s finally started to cool down in my neck of the woods, and while I don’t exactly welcome the colder weather, I’ll take just about any excuse to bunker down with a mug of hot chocolate and some anime – though I’m clearly nowhere near as enamoured with the current season as some others appear to be. Having already quickly dropped Ai Tenchi Muyo!, Donten ni Warau, and Amagi Brilliant Park last time around, eight other titles remained in the line-up… two more of which have now been dropped. See what made the final cut and what ultimately failed to tickle my fancy below. Continue reading “Anime Taste Testing: Fall 2014 (Part II)”

Anime Taste Testing: Fall 2014

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The fall anime season felt a bit slow to start off with but has been steadily building up steam, and while unlike a lot of bloggers I’m sad to see most of the summer titles behind us – I was honestly really happy with the line-up I had there – it’s always nice in a way to complete a cycle and gain a fresh hand. Continue reading “Anime Taste Testing: Fall 2014”

Anime Taste Testing: Spring 2014 (Part II)

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The halfway point for all but two of the spring anime shows I’m following is very nearly upon us, which must mean it’s about time for the usual first impressions follow-up post. I had already dropped a considerable number of titles last time around, and I’m sure it’ll surprise nobody to learn that some other titles have now joined them… although there’s been one surprise pick-up since then as well. Continue reading “Anime Taste Testing: Spring 2014 (Part II)”

Anime Taste Testing: Spring 2014

46. picture1Well, it’s that time again. The cherry blossoms have been and gone and the bugs have begun their terrifying invasion, which must mean that spring has officially arrived in my part of the world – and with it, a bunch of promising (as well as not-so-promising) new anime. Of the twelve titles I’ve given a try, exactly half of them managed to impress me enough to watch further. As usual though, let’s start from the bottom of the heap and work our way up. Continue reading “Anime Taste Testing: Spring 2014”