AAA2014: The Artemis Anime Awards

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That’s right, the AAA is back for an unprecedented two years running, and I’m all ready to dish out the only awards in the anime blogging circuit that really matter while simultaneously snubbing any titles that failed to live up to my own arbitrary expectations. Continue reading “AAA2014: The Artemis Anime Awards”

5 Bad Anime Sequels

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It’s been an extremely generous past few seasons in terms of anime sequels. While some of them (Free!, Sword Art Online, Aldnoah.Zero) were entirely expected, the announcement of others (Mushishi, Durarara!!) came as pleasant surprises. To their credit, many of these sequels have been relatively well-received by the fan community, although there have also been a number of them, both recent and not-so-recent, that haven’t gone down nearly as well. There’s certainly plenty to choose from in this department, but I’ve attempted to restrain myself by going over only the five worst to have darkened my screen to date – counting down from bad to downright awful. Continue reading “5 Bad Anime Sequels”

Anime Taste Testing: Fall 2014 (Part II)

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It’s finally started to cool down in my neck of the woods, and while I don’t exactly welcome the colder weather, I’ll take just about any excuse to bunker down with a mug of hot chocolate and some anime – though I’m clearly nowhere near as enamoured with the current season as some others appear to be. Having already quickly dropped Ai Tenchi Muyo!, Donten ni Warau, and Amagi Brilliant Park last time around, eight other titles remained in the line-up… two more of which have now been dropped. See what made the final cut and what ultimately failed to tickle my fancy below. Continue reading “Anime Taste Testing: Fall 2014 (Part II)”

Anime Taste Testing: Fall 2014

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The fall anime season felt a bit slow to start off with but has been steadily building up steam, and while unlike a lot of bloggers I’m sad to see most of the summer titles behind us – I was honestly really happy with the line-up I had there – it’s always nice in a way to complete a cycle and gain a fresh hand. Continue reading “Anime Taste Testing: Fall 2014”

Review: Psycho-Pass

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Originally I was going to wait a couple more weeks before posting up another anime review, but given the recent announcement of a sequel, I felt now would be an appropriate time. All the more so because I was surprised to see so many people giving Pyscho-Pass the cold shoulder when it came out – ironically often by the very same people who profess that there aren’t enough serious, dark and gritty anime titles being released these days. While I have no problem admitting that Psycho-Pass is not the masterpiece that, say, 2011’s Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica was, when Production I.G and Urobuchi Gen team up, you bet I’m going to shut my mouth and start watching. Continue reading “Review: Psycho-Pass”