Popular Anime of 2015 I Didn’t Like

yuri kuma arashi
While I never do my annual anime wrap-up around this time (I save that for spring, since there tend to be less ongoing shows and because, at least in my head, it makes way more sense to count anime by season rather than by year), I thought it might be fun to talk about some of the most popular anime of 2015 that I couldn’t bring myself to like. Continue reading “Popular Anime of 2015 I Didn’t Like”

Anime Taste Testing: Summer 2015

Just in time to catch the start of the familiar drone of cicadas, the new batch of anime is here! Personally, I intend to enjoy it while luxuriating in front of my brand spankin’ new aircon unit – even through I’ll also be internally wincing nearly every single time I come across someone else’s obligatory first impressions post. (You guys do know that ‘summer’ isn’t a proper noun, right? Or maybe you just really like Capitalizing Unnecessary Words, in which case, sorry for prematurely judging you.) Anyhow, onto the shows! As usual, I’ll be going in order of my impressions from worst to best based on the premiere episode of each title. Continue reading “Anime Taste Testing: Summer 2015”