AAA2018: The Artemis Anime Awards

Welcome to the sixth consecutive year of the AAA – the one-woman award ceremony where the dress code doesn’t matter, the tickets are free, and the results are guaranteed to be 100% objective. Read More

Anime Taste Testing: Summer 2018 (Part Whatever)

banana fish header
This season is now extremely light on quantity for me, having dropped Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes, Phantom in the Twilight, Grand Blue, Aguu, and Muhyo to Rouji after their premiere episodes. Luckily, I’ve found I have a surprising amount to say not only about of course Banana Fish, but also about Angolmois, Free!, and Tsukumogami Kashimasu. Rounding off the proceedings is Lupin III Part V, which I’ve also decided to check back in on. Read More

Anime Taste Testing: Aguu, Tsukumogami, Muhyo to Rouji

tsukumogami kashimasu header
There were a couple of latecomers to the table this anime season, and while I always encourage quality over quantity, there are also few enough good titles airing right now that I felt the need to take a look at anything that sounded even remotely interesting. Hence, Aguu: Tensai Ningyou, Tsukumogami Kashimasu, and Muhyo to Rouji no Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho were all on my radar right from the get-go. Now that they’ve all started airing, let’s see how they each fared. Read More